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in circles精品国产乱子伦一区二区三区

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in circles精品国产乱子伦一区二区三区

I had been a member of the Singles Dating site for about a month. I had only run into crazy, horny, unintelligent men who did nothing to excite me. I wasn’t looking for love, but I wasn’t looking for your average one night stand either! One night, after a long day at work, I was lying in bed and I heard a beep. It was a familiar beep – It was the sound of me getting a message on the dating site.His name was Anthony.He didn’t seem like the regular weirdoes that I encountered on a daily basis, so I figured why not talk to him. I searched through his pictures, he only had a few – and his body resembled that of a Greek god! He was ripped in all the right places, his chest was perfectly sculpted, and his arms bulged in a way that tickled the hairs on my neck. I could only wonder what he looked like down below…and this was all before I even said hi. We talked for what seemed like hours, it was the most comfortable conversation I had ever had with a stranger. Then he dropped the most intriguingly yet devastating news on me. He was looking for a fuckbuddy! “WHATTTT??!!??” is what I screamed on the inside, as he continued to explain why. He had just gotten out of a serious relationship, blah blah blah, that’s pretty much what I heard.I knew that I was too much of a relationship, commitment, emotional type of person, but yet I hadn’t just ended this conversation with him. Instead we exchanged phone numbers to text later. “What had I done?” I wondered. Did I just agree to a fuckbuddy relationship, simply by exchanging phone numbers with this man who made my clit do jumping jacks just through pictures and online messages. “What the hell?”, this is not me. I laid on my bed, wondering what it would feel like for Anthony to be inside me at that moment. I rubbed my nipples gently, in circles, tugging at them every now and then, licking my lips, wondering just what he would taste like. “No!” I told myself over and over, its not you – you have always been that good innocent girl. I slowly started running my hands down my body, caressing my breasts with both hands, sliding down closer to my pussy. I couldn’t stop thinking about him, what the hell was wrong with me – he is a stranger! Then the silence is interrupted by a short tone on my phone. I jumped up to see who could be texting me at this hour.Yes, it was Anthony. He wanted to talk more about this arrangement and answer any questions I had. My brain was screaming “ask him if he is fucking serious?” because this was the craziest proposition I had ever gotten. But instead I asked him was he an oral person. The way he answered made me tremble in such a good way. He let me know that he would eat my pussy until I screamed for him to stop. I knew that sounded great to me, a person who loved to suck dick – we were a match made in heaven. He sent me several pictures and a video, and ohhhhhh did that turn me on even more. The video showed him stroking his long, hard, massive, black cock all the way to orgasm, where he shot his load right on his rock hard stomach. I watched the video maybe 8 times wanting to thrust that hard dick right in my throat and not waste a bit of that cum. We continued to talk and set a meeting date ten days from that day, only because I had a busy busy schedule that next week and a half. He was ok with that date, but got hornier and hornier the more we talked. He popped the unexpected question “Can I come over tonight?” I was in shock, excited, horny, nervous and scared all at the same time. I definitely let my pussy speak for me, because I said yes before my brain could process what was going on. I ran around like a chicken with its head cut off, changing the sheets, lighting candles for mood (should I even be setting a mood – I didn’t know), cleaning the bathroom, showering, shaving, oh god a knock on the door. He was already here it took less than 20 minutes for him to get to my house. I was so nervous, I thought I would die before I made it to the door. I opened the door, and there before me stood the sexiest man I have ever had in my house. His pictures did him no justice, his lips were so full and kissable,youjizz.com he arms made you want to be held, he donned sweat pants (my favorite) and I could see his dick print through his pant leg. I wanted him so bad – but the agreement for the night was, we would sit and watch TV and if I wasn’t feeling him, he would leave.We sat on the couch and I turned on the television.I was so nervous I didn’t know what to say so I came out with “what would you like to watch.” His response floored me – He said “I’d like to watch you take off your clothes.” Splash! I instantly felt my pussy start to moisten. I wanted him, more than I even knew at that point. I froze and he took my hand and began to lead me up to my bedroom. When we got there, he removed his sneakers and sat on the bed and leaned back as if he was waiting on something.I started to remove my clothing slowly, to reveal my black and tan cheetah print bra and matching panties. He breathed out and let out a manly groan, that set me on fire. “damn baby what are those D’s?” I was thrilled that he liked my large breasts but answered him very quietly “no, 44 DDD” In one swift motion he had me in his arms kissing the top of my breasts with those beautiful succulent lips. I grabbed his head and stroked his neck while he kissed my breasts. As he was kissing my breasts he looked up as if to ask permission, I nodded and he began to unhook my bra releasing my tits from hold. He immediately grabbed them and began to suck and tug at the hardened nipples. Oh it felt amazing I wanted more, he switched places with me so that I was sitting down instead of him. He gently pushed me back on the bed, removed his shirt and dropped his pants. His cock sprung out of his pants like a jack in the box. He was already rock hard and ready to go. I knew this was the moment of no turning back he was going to penetrate me.He pulled my panties off so gently and placed them neatly on the table bedside. He spread my legs open and I closed my eyes in anticipation of his hard dick. A few seconds later, I was pleasantly surprised that his tongue was lapping my pussy. He was gently licking my clit, and less gently tugging on my clit with his gorgeous lips. He would alternate between my clit and my pussy diving in with his tongue. He was so happy eating my pussy that I was ecstatic and began to feel something swelling up inside me. I was ready to cum, butI didn’t know what to do, this was the first time I had been eaten out to orgasm – Was I supposed to tell him? I softly murmured “I’m about to cum”to give him warning to back up. He didn’t move! I got louder “I’m about to cum!” He still didn’t move, he just kept licking my clit and tonguing my pussy. I grabbed his head and held it down there as I came ferociously! Oh it was amazing! He finally backed up and looked me in the eyes, and asked “did you like that?” I wanted to scream “HELL YES, it was fucking amazing,” but instead I simply smiled and said “oh yes, I liked it a lot.” I could hardly move from that orgasm but I wanted him to feel half of what I had just felt. I asked him to lay on his back. He did as asked and I climbed on top of him just enough to align my mouth with his hard cock. His cock was throbbing hard and at full attention it stood somewhere around 8 ½ - 9 inches. I only could think “How the hellam I going to get this is my mouth.” I began to stroke his long dick with my hand, and moving closer and closer with my lips. I licked around his tip in a circular motion as if I was licking a dark chocolate ice-cream cone. It was amazingly hard and I wanted more. I noticed him getting all hot and bothered and knew I must’ve been doing something right. I began to slowly suck on the head of his cock, which drove him crazy because that’s when the moaning started. I bobbed slowly up and down on his cock, remembering to use my tongue whenever possible. He was getting more and more hornier so I had to step up the process. I thrusted his cock as far down my throat as I could get it. He seemed like he was in heaven, letting out deep breaths. I slowly moved up and down the shaft, deep throating his dick when I could. He grabbed my head and held it there while he began to thrust his dick upwards into my throat. I began to gag a little and he would back off just a bit. He whispered in my ear “are you ready?” I knew what he meant, he was asking if I was ready to fuck. I couldn’t imagine saying no at this point, so I nodded my head. He flipped me over onto my back and threw my legs up onto his shoulders in what felt like one swift motion. He ripped open the condom package and placed it on his cock, it only rolled down half way. He played with my pussy for a few seconds with his fingers before slowly pushing that 9 inch cock into my pussy. It felt amazing! He pulled and pushed with such care, I had forgotten the terms of our agreement. I just wanted him to fuck me! He continued thrusting in and out my pussy, asking me how can it be so tight and wet at the same time. Once I was a bit loosened up he pushed in deeper and started moving slightly faster. My eyes must’ve been rolling in the back of my head, or at least that’s how I felt. He was sucking my titties and fucking me hard all at the same time, with my legs up on his shoulder it was sooooo deep I didn’t want him to stop. I figured nothing could be better than this. Then he asked “Can I hit it from the back?” DOGGYSTYLE??!? Yes, my favorite position! I just smiled softly and nodded. He flipped me over and slowly pushed into my pussy from behind. It was lovely, it was so deep I screamed a little but only out of pleasure. He started fucking me faster and faster slapping my ass as he thrusted in and out. He asked me “where do you want me to cum?” I whispered back “on my breasts.” I like towatch the cum squirt out of a mans dick. He flipped me back over and pulled off the condom. I thought he was going to cum right then…he placed the condom on the dresser and said “I’m almost there, can you help me.” I immediately began sucking his cock attempting to get all the cum out of it and onto my breasts. Minutes later he pushed me off of him and forced his dick back into my tight pussy! Oh no, I’m not on birth control what is he thinking, is all I could think. He is fucking me without a condom, and IT FEELS SO GOOD. What do I do? I just take it, it feels so amazing, I just don’t want to stop, I feel my stomach tightening up like it does right before I squirt. Oh God, I didn’t expect this. I yell out “I’m going to squirt!” and seconds later it gushed out of my pussy all over his cock. He started fucking me even harder, it’s like that was motivation or something. I was still trembling from my orgasm, he reached down and started rubbing my clit with his thumb while still fucking me with that long cock. I felt the tightening up again, I couldn’t believe it! As I started squirting all over his cock he pulled it out just in time and began stroking it on top of me and in nice white ropes his cum spurted out onto my breasts and stomach. Amazing! I looked into his eyes and asked him “Have you ever gotten a little rough with a woman?” He asked me just how rough. I told him He’ll see next time!



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