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with a sigh亚洲熟女精品中文字幕

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with a sigh亚洲熟女精品中文字幕

The cleanup by the pool and entertainment room had been completed quickly by the hired staff. The cleanup of Cindy had taken more time. Lovingly pampered by my sister, she was bathed., rubbed with lotions and balms. She joined us in the living room wearing cute pajamas. She looked more like she was coming from a slumber party than a Hollywood orgy. She looked tired, but gave me a smile. She looked from me, to Nikki, to Peter."I have something to say and you will all listen. I love you all. I still do. I place no blame at all for tonight's events. I apologize to Tim if this makes him feel any less of me. This could not have been easy for him."I made to speak but Cindy raised her hand."Not yet.Nikki, Peter, thank you for you hospitality. Your gifts. I will treasure them and wear them for my man, if he'll have me."Nikki seemed to shed a tear. I longed to go embrace my wife. But I gave her space."And just so you know, I didn't do this looking to further a career. I would be happy to return to life in NJ with Tim. If something works out I will be happy to work with you. I trust you. I love you."She seemed to be finished. I got up immediately and took her in my arms. "No worries Cindy, my love, I could never think less of you. Life is to be lived."I held her to me. Kissing her on her head.Nikki joined us. "You seem to be a strong couple. We're so much more used to open free arrangements out here. If you move here you'll see this and more. Choose what works for you. There are regular monogamous people out here too."This made us laugh and all relaxed a bit.Nikki reminded Cindy to get her sleep. "You have the late flight tomorrow. Cindy will be joining me on a few errands tomorrow. Yes even if it's Sunday. We can arrange certain favors."Cindy and I got up to go to bed. Peter asked, "Tim, a moment."I told Cindy I would be right in, then turned to sit with Peter."I know this has been a long, and for you, trying day. That can't have been easy. But out here it's not unusual. Cindy will not have a reputation as a wanton slut. Women, and men participate in sex parties, orgies. The men here, they consider you the lucky one in the room. They had one shot. You have unlimited.So really neither of you is damaged goods. And I must tell you, a few people stayed during cleanup to get my ear. Helen, Richard, a couple of producers. There is interest in Cindy. Nikki would control Cindy's account. All final decisions would be Cindy's, and yours, but Nikki would advise and discourage the vultures. A lot of evil pricks out here, but some very good people too. She has a real opportunity. Think about it.""Thanks Peter. It's all so much. Suddenly my wife is in demand in LA?I thought I was just biased. Damn. We will give everything due consideration. Cindy's decision.""Fair enough. Nikki will have this conversation with her on their way to Beverly Hills tomorrow. Now go get some rest. Do you play golf? No? Well you'll have to learn if you move here. We get more done during a round than in most meetings. OK, enjoy the pool then. East coast style. I'll see you before you leave."I got up and went to join Cindy in bed. She was already nearly asleep. I kissed her head. "I know you're tired. But I made a promise. If you want.""Oh Tim. You're so sweet. But no need. I really need to rest." So we did.Next morning I was sitting by the pool with coffee when Nikki came out. "Cindy and I are heading out. A few stops to make.""I didn't know she was up already, I'd left her to sleep.""Promises of manis and pedis and spa treatments got her going. We'll have her feeling good as new for you in no time."They were out for hours. Cindy came bouncing in the door as if she'd been relaxing on a beach for a week. "Look, look", she said excitedly waving her hands around. Her fingers and toes now sported bright blue colors. Nikki left us alone to chat."It matches my lingerie. And I got a facial, not that kind silly, and a massage. Oh I feel so much better." She stretched out her legs to inspect her toes. This was an extravagance we could never afford. Normally Cindy and Sandy did each other's nails."One thing. We need to hold off on the lingerie, and other stuff. Sorry.""What? Why, what happened?""Nikki took me to her doctor. He's aware of these parties and Peter actually had him on call last night if needed. She said they've never had a problem, but it was a larger group and just to be completely sure they had him run a full set of tests on me. They'll check for anything and everything. His examination didn't show any problems, but he did caution me to be more careful, noting the red marks on my butt and the indications of a lot of semen. He said, to protect you just hold off a few days until all results are in.""Of course. Sure. Why the fuck didn't we think of this before? Fuck.""Well in some ways we didn't think. I didn't think. Got all caught up in a wild ride.""Nikki came in and I thanked her for taking care of Cindy.""No problem at all. It was a pleasure. I consider Cindy one of my very best friends now."I hugged my sister then went to make sure everything was packed to go home. We went to the airport later and took the overnight home. California was over for now. We talked on the flight and Cindy did seem interested to see what kind of offers there were."Nikki said she would go through all of them, make notes and forward them to me. Then we can all talk. She said she'd send just about everything even if it was just so we could laugh and toss them. Only the real porn would be excluded. Even though I could make a lot doing it. They don't deal with that part of the business and we shouldn't either."So here we were back in boring old New Jersey. The apartment seemed in one piece. We noted no sheets on the bed. Interesting. Everything seemed to be in place. Even an extra bottle of wine in the refrigerator. "Have to get used to these bargain brands again, Tim."The phone rang. It was Sandy asking if she and Johnny could come over right away. Uh oh. "What happened Sandy?" She told me nothing too bad maybe, but not our problem and anyway they want to hear about California.""Something's up Cindy. And how much are you telling them?""I haven't decided yet. We usually all talk about everything.""Yes the famous Monroe kids. Nothing's too personal. I'll follow your lead. One more question."When or if you do talk about any part of it do I have to be serious? Will you take offense?""Like what? You're usually a goofball with my family.""So I can say that you're now the champion cocksucker on both coasts? Too soon?" She laughed and threw a hand towel at me."If I bring it up, you may be you."Twenty minutes later the younger siblings arrived. Sandy of course noticed our tans and Cindy's nails."I have stuff to show you later. No offense Johnny but I think it needs to be girls only. It's whew.""So Cindy, how was it? Did you meet any stars? How was Peter?""Nikki and Peter we so kind. Generous. They're rich.Big house, pool, hot tub.""Did you skinny dip?I've always wanted to do that.""Ha skinny dipping was the least of our problems. Those people love being naked around the pool.""Sounds like fun.""Ok I have a million things to tell you. I mean, well really a lot. But what happened here?""Let me start from the beginning, Johnny you shut up"Sandy's story of the bachelorette party....So it it started good. Beth got the wine, we setup in the living room, moved all the furniture back out of the way. Just a chair for Jeannie, we sat on the floor. We played some dumb games, drank some wine. Talked a lot. Tracy, Beth and I scared poor Jeannie with horror stories of getting fucked. Probably half made up. Jeannie looked petrified. Amy was listening with interest. Then Johnny showed up with pizza and another bottle of wine we'd left in the hall. He was playing pizza delivery boy. He puts down the boxes and gives me the wine. Now Beth knows he's my brother so she was in on it.But she still thinks of him as my annoying little brother. Tracy and Amy are from another couple towns over. Jeannie met Tracy at a camp or something and Jennie went to an all girls school so she doesn't know Johnny. Johnny asks for payment. Some ridiculous amount like $50. Tracy said that seemed high. He told her it was a lot more cause he was taking a chance bringing alcohol to underage kids. Amy made a face,撒尿bbwbbwbbw毛 everyone kind of went along. I'd told Johnny to wing it.See what happened but eventually he'd be dropping his pants. So of course none of us have the money.Johnny says, ok for payment he'd need to see some boobs. I think he really wanted a look at Tracy's big knockers. Beth frowned but I was standing back and mouthed 'I will if you will. Dare you'. She looked surprised I'd flash my brother. So I said, I have payment and lifted my shirt and bra. The prick here says, OK that's about 8 bucks!(we all laughed)Beth had a scowl but finally she lifts her top. Hers are bigger than Cindy's size but not as nice. Johnny says, Damn, another $15 off the bill. Amy says "I will!" but her sister cut her off and said that wouldn't even be the tip. The poor girl was devastated. So now it's Tracy and Jeannie. Tracy just wasn't showing her tits to Johnny. She insisted she was exclusive. So Johnny asks, whose party is this? Beth and I point to Jeannie. Johnny gets in front of Jeannie. He says there are many ways to pay. Jeannie was about ready to die. So Beth asks Johnny, how do you want us to make payment? He says pull down my shorts. Now Jeannie wasn't going to do that. And ol' exclusive Tracy wasn't. But wanting to be part of the party Amy who was behind Johnny reaches up and yanks down his shorts.3 girls stopped breathing.Beth: Is that real?Jeannie: Are they ALL like that?Tracy: Fucking god.I added a shocked look for effect. Amy was stuck behind Johnny complaining that she couldn't see. Beth suddenly had interest in my brother. She got down alongside her sister and said, 'go ahead touch it'. Then reached out and lifted it towards her sister. Jeannie looked at it as if it was an electric wire. I yelled 'for fuck sake it's a cock not a rattle snake."Amy scooted around by her sister and said 'wow. Is David's like that?'Tracy, with a sigh, had to break the news that no, they're not all like that. Amy asked if she could touch. Her sister yanked her hand away. By now Beth had her hand around it and was stroking Johnny's cock, which of course grew some more. And you know how it goes, It's pointing right at Jeannie. So Beth is telling her sister to touch it, and at the same time she hasn't stopped yanking it. And well, Jeannie got her first face full of spunk. It was fucking hysterical. She's spitting and gagging and running to the bathroom like she could get pregnant.Now Johnny's still working it. His cock is at half mast and dripping cum. Yes I cleaned everything very well. Tracy is pondering life, Amy is staring and pouting. I think Beth was considering whether to fuck him right there or start rubbing one out. Johnny says he still needs payment. He'll consider it even if he can stay and party AND if Tracy takes her top off too. Not wanting the cock to leave the room Beth says again. 'Come on Tracy. They're just tits. We see most of them anyway at the beach'. Still staring at Johnny's cock Tracy reached down and pulled her shirt over her head then took off her bra. Now Johnny was mesmerized.Tracy has some grade A big ones. D cups and she's only a teen. Not to be left out Amy took off her top. She actually had started to develop at 17 but they were nothing next to her sister's. We all turned as Jeannie came down the hall drying her face and hair on a towel. She had removed her jizzed up shirt and bra and was shocked to see Johnny still here. She wrapped the towel around her and ran down the hall. Johnny calls out 'nice tits anyway'. Beth found one of Tim's t shirts for her to put on and she came back jiggling a bit but covered. She sat far away from Johnny. He says, ok cool I saw all the tits I'll stay and party. Only Jeannie seemed nervous. Johnny had some wine, and since he was the entertainment I told him to dance for us. A little later I saw Beth whisper to him and they slipped off to your bedroom, sorry. Apparently Johnny fucked her good because she let out a scream and when she came back I swear she was bowlegged.(Here Johnny did break in to say he'd dreamed of getting Beth ever since she was hanging out with Sandy. Apparently she was hot in bed.)Thing settled down. Tracy somehow how worked herself over next to Johnny. I was close enough to hear her. She said she was sorry about being bitchy before. She told him he had a really nice looking penis. Johnny barely heard her staring at her tits. He thought he was being smooth putting his arm around her and letting his hand dangle on her tit. Jeannie was breathlessly asking Beth what it was like. Beth tried to act like she hadn't just fucked Johnny, but we'd heard the evidence. Amy was sitting across from us starting to doze and trying to keep an eye on Tracy. We'd had enough wine so I decided no one should drive home. I threw blankets and pillows on the floor. Beth was wiped and laid down. Jeannie soon followed. Amy finally was done. I didn't think Johnny would mind so I pretended to sleep so I could watch Tracy. By this time her hand was on Johnny's shorts tracing the line of his cock. Johnny stopped pretending and was clearly fondling her tits. Tracy reached into Johnny's shorts and pulled out his hardening cock. She leaned over and began sucking him. Johnny said, your tits, put it between your tits. She seemed confused at first then realized what he wanted.Getting in front of him she lifted her shirt letting her tits hang free. Getting on her knees she wrap her boobs around his hard cock and moved them up and down adding some spit to help lubricate. Johnny threw his head back eyes closed and grunted as he shot cum up into Tracy's face. She sucked the last bit from his cock then licked up the excess. With a sigh she got back up to head to the bathroom, glancing at her sister, who looked to be sleeping. When she had left the room, I heard Amy murmur 'Slut". I have to say, I laughed.Johnny and I slept in your bed. The house was quiet. At some point during the night Amy came to the room. I heard her but wasn't awake enough to listen. Johnny? And no bullshit.Johnny continues...Well shit I was barely awake. I'd fucked with Beth, and had my cock between Tracy's big tits. I'd been sleeping. Then I felt someone playing with my cock, and then licking on it. Like a lollipop. At first I thought it was Sandy up for some late night sex.I laid there enjoying the attention. Why not? Then I felt someone on top of me, but they were thinner, no ass either. I thought about every one else, and when I realized it must be Amy I heard her cry a little as she sat on my cock. It was so so tight. She could barely move on it. I put my hands on her and realized she was completely naked. She's my age but much smaller. She says to me - 'Please, I want to be a woman. Like my sister, but she treats me like a kid. I'm your age.' All the time I'm afraid to move and hurt her. And she's gotten more of me in her. Not a whole lot just the top bit. She's says - 'Please don't stop. I'm not a virgin anymore now anyway. Let me try it.' I didn't know what to do. And she was so tight. And then Sandy woke up...Sandy continues...I finally woke up from all the talking. I look over and there's Johnny on his back with Amy sitting on the tip of his cock. I guess I could have been calmer, but I shouted, 'what the fuck are you doing?' Amy panicked and ended up letting a couple more inches push into her. Dumbass here panics. And shoots his load into Amy's no longer virgin, unprotected vagina.Cindy - "Oh my god. You asshole."Sandy...And now all hell breaks loose. Johnny's saying, I'm sorry, I'm sorry over and over. Amy seemed happy as fuck, she starts going up and down on his cock with all the extra lube. Pushing more cum up her little cunt. Tracy and Beth come running in.Beth says holy shit, that's kind of hot. Tracy slapped her and started yelling at Johnny calling him a pervert pedo. Amy yells back at Tracy, that he's the same age and they're old enough and now she's a woman. Tracy calls her a stupid kid and says now she might be a mother too. Amy puts two and two together and starts to cry. Then she calls Tracy a slut and says she'll tell David she sucked Johnny's cock if Tracy tells her mother. Jeannie wanders in and says, 'this has been quite a party'.I got everyone sorted. Left Johnny in the bed, alone. The girls and I went in to talk. The story seemed to have reached the end. I looked at Cindy and shook my head. "I guess I shouldn't have allowed it."Cindy agreed, "Not very responsible. But then I'm not one to talk. What are you guys doing?"Sandy filled us in, "Against her better judgement Tracy was more afraid of Amy telling her boyfriend. So she agreed to say nothing until Amy's next period. For now they're just hoping. And Tracy will convince their mother that Amy should be on the pill.Maybe a bit late this time, but...


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