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this was all me出差被夫の上司连续高潮

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this was all me出差被夫の上司连续高潮

Guy How is the business of balancing the scales, it’s really good. Two weeks of some quick and hastily planned work that leads to a payday that will allow me to do something I love doing, stay at home and see the kids off to their first days of school. First things first though I have to handle Stuart. He was pretty pissed off about being sent away and he didn’t understand why. I am dropped off at home by Ben who is happy to give me the surprise ride, I didn’t tell people I’d be home early. I get in my front door and there is nobody in the living room or kitchen. I see nobody in the bedrooms and drop my bag in the main bedroom before checking and finding still nobody in the back yard. I’m down to one last place and quietly creeping down stairs to the gym I hear moaning. Why are my wives and Stuart moaning? I creep down stairs and see Stuart and all my wives on the mat, in workout clothing practicing Yoga while the children are book reading. “Breath deep and stretch,” Rachael instructs leading my family and protégé in the downward dog. “Oh god I think my hips popped,” Stuart moans. “They did when Wilma played around with you,” Katy jokes and my wives laugh a little. “Focus on what you’re doing,” Rachael chastises continuing her instruction. I’m in jeans a t shirt and my leather jacket as I sit down on the floor and assume a lotus meditation, Natsuko and Kimiko’s influence on my stress reduction, and I listen to the class as it continues. More popping from Stuart and the children are talking among themselves when Natsuko is the first to notice me at the other end of my gym. “We have an audience,” she says and I hear them all moving. “Guy when did you get home,” Kori asks and I open my eyes to address her. “Maybe an hour ago, I changed my mind on handling unfinished business and am allowing someone else to put the F.O.G. into our old friend,” I state as the children bum rush me and I’m taken down by four of my biggest weaknesses. “Daddy Daddy Daddy, Connor and Murphy said you might come back with a pet. Did you bring a puppy,” Christy asks and I look at my boys. “Connor, Murphy where did you get this idea from,” I ask and the boys point at Stuart. “I was telling them that you were taking care of our friend’s dog while we were away on business and they thought you were taking it I guess,” he explains and I chuckle shaking my head. I get my children upstairs and the rest of my family and friends follow as we settle back into normal boring domesticated life. Dinner is eaten and children are in bed when Imelda starts giving me the 'you need to say something' look as we’re sitting in the living room. “We’re having a family meeting in two nights; we’re having Stuart’s assessment tomorrow night so I’ll find something to pull him away from the house for the evening. If everything goes well tomorrow night can I trust my wives to take care of the logistics for the final make over,” I tell my wives going over my plans for the next couple days. “We’ll handle it baby but what if Stuart doesn’t want to go back down there,” Matty asks back from an away game. “He’ll go; he wants to prove people wrong for judging him. He could have changed if one would have just shown him a little care and pushed him,” Kori explains sitting down. “But now he’s changed, I mean I’m pretty sure everyone’s assessment will be the same. Honestly this is working better than interviews for a nanny,” I tell my wives and we laugh a little. Turning in for bed and cuddling up with my wives is the best thing after two weeks of work. Next morning Stuart and I are all business working out, first the run then the gym before breakfast. I don’t have to get him he is up and once we’re done at the table I have to stop him from going back down for more. “Easy big man, you’re there,” I state and he finally looks at me with some self acknowledgement. I let him soak up the reality that he’s where he’d want to be, barrel chested mind you, but he’s got strength and more speed than someone with a tank build should have. Stuart decides to relax and find some busy work when Imelda pulls him aside for some project in the garage. I make one phone call so that I can have someone keep Stuart busy for the evening and hopefully return him in the morning in one piece. I pass Katy who is snacking in the kitchen and pinch her butt getting a happy noise from her. Day passes and arrangements are made as I take Stuart out for a ride in The Mistress. He’s not gripping the ‘oh shit’ handle as we barrel down the road to loud rock on the stereo but when he realizes we’re on the freeway. I can tell he wants to ask where we’re going but he trusts me, nearly three months ago he was all questions and now he’s headed off to a night of…. not really sure what they’ll be doing to himactually. We pull into a parking garage and I park before we exit the vehicle and wait. Stuart looks like he wants to ask a question but we sit and I take note of my protégé’s dress. Denim jeans and a long sleeve hooded shirt, almost there as far as I can tell. I’ve got my old jacket on and jeans with a black t shirt like the old days as we hear the rumble of engines and I smile. Five heavy motorcycles and one passenger van pull up taking most of the space on the garage floor as I watch the lead stop and hop off his bike. He’s older but he’s still short, ginger hair is slightly graying but the leather jacket with no shirt and Devil’s Best patches and a chain in place of a belt. Hawk, chapter president of Devil’s Best for our little corner of the world and a good man to have around when you need friends in low places. “You never came by to visit,” Hawk tells me as we stand facing each other about three feet away. “Visit when? What did I miss,” I ask confused. “The wedding asshole, I married Sheena,” He tells me and now I am wondering when we were told and what happened. “Hawk I didn’t know, I never got the invite,” I tell him then I see his face,” Okay asshole ha ha you pulled one over on me.” “Hey it was the lady’s idea so when we do get married in January you will be there,” He asks and I smile. “I’ll cancel work if I have any,” I reply and we shake,” So this is Stuart, he’s a decent kid.” “You mean someone nothing like you and less like me,” Hawk asks and I nod. Hawk steps up to Stuart and looks him over a bit before nodding and heads back to his bike. The Devil’s Best start their bikes and I pat Stuart on the back. “Have fun Stuart, they’ll take care of you and whatever you do don’t touch the blonde woman. Yes she is friendly and yes she is older and sexy but she’s Hawk’s woman and he’ll take exception,” I tell Stuart before shoving him towards the van. I watch as they load Stuart up in the back of the van and leave for parts unknown. Hawk will keep him from getting shot, or at least I think he will. I get back into The Mistress and head back towards home at a nice quick drive. I get in the garage and as soon as I’m inside my house I can hear people talking. I see Ben and Isaac talking with each other while the wives are entertaining Lajita, I note that Ben has set up the video chat so we will be online in the living room with Jun and Lilly along with Desmond and Wilma from their home. Natsuko is keeping watch on the children and we settle into a big dinner where we all can relax. The children are put to bed early with minor complaints before the adults settle in living room and Jun starts to bring everything online. Split screen on my big ass TV with Jun on the left and Desmond on the right. “Alright everyone first things first I’m glad we can all talk like this but we need to do an annual meeting this summer and I vote Washington,” I state and the arguments ensue,” Hey most of us are up here so deal with it.” “Fine but I’m going to show you something to change the subject,” Jun says and I see the numbers for our last job pop up,” This is what we spent against what we made.” Payment has come through in full and now we have the budget in front of us that is worked out after a job. Usually we don’t show the numbers to everyone all at once but they see them regardless. Here in my living room however all my friends are talking about their plans. We talk and enjoy the moment debating about any future work or leads for work, which is slim currently. I decide it’s time after an hour of meeting to call my main point of the meeting to order. “Alright attention please, now to my most important topic of the evening business or personal. We’ve all met him in one way or another. We’ve all had a hand in working on helping the young man, now it comes time to decide, cut him loose, keep him or continue his training. I call a vote,” I put the vote out there and begin the process. Almost everyone goes for keeping Stuart save for three people, Isaac and Ben say to continue training while Natsuko says cut him loose. I understand the votes save for my assistant and decide to ask for some answers. “Honestly boss he’s good but he could use some fine tuning, you say he’s a keeper then we’re with you. It’s just our opinion,” Ben tells me with Isaac in agreement. “And what about you Natty,” I ask and she shrugs,” Really? Nothing on your vote to cut him loose.” “I just think he’s been doing what he’s told till he’s off the leash. After he’s back at college he’ll be fat by Christmas and aside from Wilma who is bat shit crazy and the girl that thinks he’s cute in ‘damaged near virgin’ kind of way he’ll be beating his meat by Halloween,” Natsuko tells everyone to the shock and mild chuckling to all. “Hey I wanted her opinion. She has her reasons as to why she thinks this and I’m not challenging that. I will say however that like everyone else she can get over it because after what I saw of Stuart on the job he’s ready,” I tell everyone and they accept my verdict. We call the meeting over and socialize for another hour till everyone decides to head back to their homes and end the conference call. I’m about to lead my wives to bed when I discover that they’re all still sitting and staring at me. I come back and realize that the family meeting I wanted to have later is happening right now. I settle into my chair and wait for someone to start other than me. “Well we had this conversation two weeks ago and I’m bringing the point up again since all of us can tell something is up. I’m not trying to make anyone feel bad or left out here and neither is Kori or Rachael but we want more babies and things are being held back because others haven’t jumped on the baby having bandwagon,” Imelda starts in and Mathilda cuts her off. “Well some of us are making money consistently for this family and trying to get their next contract before taking time off to be Mommy,” Matty snaps and Imelda goes onto the polite defensive. “We know Matty, it’s not just you. Katy is worried about the what ifs for herself but the three of us are tired of waiting for another turn and want to talk about it first before a decision is made,” Rachael jumps in calming everyone down. “So we wait a little while longer and I’ll be ready, less than a year to a year at most,” Matty says and the girls nod but not happily. “We’d like to start sooner big sis, it’s just we want to get our kids out there now this is a good gap for ages,” Kori adds taking Matty’s hand. “Okay well I made the rules and I think we need more time to work things out. Matty and Katy shouldn’t be pushed aside just because three of you want more. I’m glad we’re talking about it and planning it but honestly it’s not fair to jump the line on the others,” I state getting a bit of a disgruntled look from a few of my wives. “I’m pregnant,” are the quiet words that freeze the room. I stop and look; we all stop and look at the one woman who uttered the magical ‘your shit just got real’ words. Katy has her head down and the remaining four wives are stunned when someone tries to speak. “How far along are you,” Kori asks moving next to Katy. “Almost two months,” Katy answers quietly. “When did you find out,” Kori asks trying to gain some sense of control for the room. “A few days ago, I was sick a little and I stopped in to the doctor. It was Wednesday and they told me that the preliminary said I was pregnant so I bought a test and I’m having a baby,” Katy tells us finally looking at everyone in the room. I very calmly stand up and exit the living room heading up stairs to one of the spare bedrooms we had built. Upstairs has five bedrooms and we only use three, one for the adults, one for the boys and one for the girls. I enter the spare bedroom that the wives have dubbed the ‘close storage’ and start searching through boxes. I can hear my wives downstairs worrying and chattering among themselves as I rummage before finding the boxes I need in the back behind old clothing. I start pulling them out and setting them in the hall way as I see my wives coming up stairs quietly gauging my mood and actions. I finally set down the last of the five boxes I was going through, all different shapes when I look up at them and point to Katy then to the ground in front of me. Slowly she approaches me a little worried as to my mood. I don’t like things going off of plan, I don’t like major surprises so my mood can be pretty bad when they come flying out of the wood work on me and my family’s lives. “Guy listen I’m really sorry,” Katy starts and I place my hands on her shoulders. “Katy do we need new baby goods or do we reuse this,” I ask pointing out the boxes to her,” I need to know because we’re not getting caught up in the baby race in seven months trying to arrange a room for the baby or assemble a crib.” “I want a new crib please,” Katy says crying a little before hugging me hard. I kiss my wife and pull the rest of the family into the bedroom where we settle down for sleep, Katy being massively cuddled in the middle of us all. I’m just about to roll over when a new question is asked. “So Guy where did you send Stuart,” Imelda asks and I realize he’s not back yet.Stuart: Next Morning Okay I don’t know who decided to put the fucking drum line in my head and told them to practice their bass drum solos while marching on metal with cleats but they’re doing it now. I groan a little and start to move when a hand covers my mouth and I jump a little in surprise to see the man I was left with last night, Hawk, standing over me with his finger to his lips for quiet. He pulls his hand away and I feel like my head is going to burst and realize that I’m in bed and start to notice things around me. The messy room, bottles of alcohol in various places but not to an extreme degree, bad motel furnishings, the fact that I’m naked and there is a woman next to me sleeping naked with long black brown hair. I want to groan when I’m tossed my pants and quietly I dress forgetting to even look for underwear and pulling on my shirt which causes pain in my back as Hawk leads me out of the room. It’s a crappy motel with a bar/restaurant across the street with more motorcycles than I’ve seen ever. I follow Hawk slowly making sure I don’t fall down or throw up and once across the street and inside I discover that it’s past noon and there are a lot of bikers in leather looking at me. I follow Hawk quietly and sit down next to him as his woman, the older blonde Sheena, moves across the bar from us and hands him something to eat. I see her staring at me and I nod before trying to rest my head on the bar. “So you want the full service or just the basics,” I hear her ask and I groan. “Baby give him the full service, boy is taking last night pretty hard,” Hawk tells her quietly. I hear things happening at volumes louder than they really are and before too long there is a thump next to my head of something being set down. I look up groggy and see a tall bar glass filled with a brown sludge. “Coffee,” I ask quietly. “Trust me sugar you don’t want to know what’s in there,” Sheena says returning to her work. I smell the stuff before me prior to drinking; it’s like ass and motor oil in a glass. I start throwing it back and suffer my way through the whole thing till it’s down and slam the glass down on the bar coughing. Repulsive is a word for it and I look up to see Hawk staring at me with a lit cigarette hanging out of his mouth. I notice slowly that Hawk, Sheena and a couple of the people close by are staring like I just did something stupid or crazy. “Did you just down the whole thing,” Sheena asks and I nod,” Are you feeling alright? Are you going to toss? Do you need a bucket?” “I feel a little better but what the hell was that shit,” I ask about the glass. “Again you really don’t want to know, it’s a bunch of things mixed together to help with a massive hangover. How do you feel after last night stud,” Sheena asks and I catch her use of the word stud and me. “I got nothing beyond maybe shots or darts or something,” I state and now I hear laughing. “He was black out drunk, I knew it pay me my fucking money you shit bags,” I hear Hawk yell and one of the girls starts collecting money from bikers. “Wait I don’t get black out drunk,” I state feeling better and worse all at once. “Honey trust me last night its better that you were shit faced,” Sheena tells me and I start to worry. “Oh lord where do we begin? Okay so you were doing shots with me and a couple of the boys when you spotted a wanderer grabbing Sheena’s ass. Instead of telling me you grabbed the guy and threw him into the wall,” Hawk points at a bare patch of wall where there were pictures,” before Sheena explained why you were kicking the shit out of him and four of the boys had to pull you off. Thanks by the way.” “I beat someone up,” I ask and he laughs. “Son that’s the first two hours, I got you calmed down when one of the ladies in the Devil’s Best who ride started to get pissed at her man because he was fucking around on her while she waited for him. She was about to start screaming when you grabbed her and kissed her right there,” Hawk points to a spot on the floor and I feel sick,” Kit was surprised to say the least.” “Honey I think the boy needs a minute,” Sheena starts to interrupt but Hawk keeps going. “So Kit calms down and things settle into a bunch of us having fun when her man shows up and someone tells him the kid kissed his woman. Riggs, the ex boyfriend, knocks you out of the stool and you land on your feet only to get cut,” Hawk points out a spot on my face that is tender,” you must have caught something on the way down and then Kit stabbed him which is why there is blood on the floor.” I look to where he’s pointing and see fresh dark patch on the floor with several others in the hardwood floor. I see some of the bikers showing respect for my actions but I’m confused as I can get as Hawk goes into the next chapter of my growing nightmare. “So as people are patching up Riggs and seeing if he needs a hospital visit you told Kit, and I quote ‘You deserve a man who will take care of the kids and the bills while you run free on the wind’ then you dropped to a knee and proposed to her in the blood puddle,” Hawk is rolling with laughter while I put my face in my hands. “Please tell me I didn’t get married,” I ask and he laughs harder. “Caesar performed the ceremony, we have few videos around here,” Sheena says rubbing my shoulder which hurts like hell. “What happened to my arm,” I ask and Hawk nearly falls off his stool. “After the vows were done Kit took you in the back and got you a tattoo since you’re her bitch. I am told it’s pretty good for the three hours you were on the table. After that it was honeymoon time and you two keeping people up with your celebration as newlyweds,” Hawk laughs finishing the story and I want to die. “Can someone please tell me what I have tattooed on my shoulder,” I ask and Sheena comes around the bar to look. “It’s a devil chick; she’s naked and hot with a pitchfork tail and black hair. It’s actually pretty good but we need to rub some goo on it baby and wrap it right. The protective cover has come off,” Sheena says and I watch a girl head off to another room for supplies. I am going to die, I’m married and I have a tattoo. To add I beat up a random biker and my new wife stabbed her ex on my behalf. I want to crawl into a hole and die as I feel cool gooey stuff spread over my bare shoulder. They put packing over tattoo and I am fed a plate of what I can assume is eggs and sausage but it’s more brown than meat and egg colored. I’m only awake for an hour when the bar opens and I see bikers pointing straight at me. An intense tanned woman with long brown hair in leather comes around the end of the bar and kisses me so hard we fall off the stool to the floor. I’m wide eyed and suffering from more shock when she pulls back and laughs. “Okay Hawk you win he doesn’t remember shit,” She says standing up and I’m pulled from the floor. She’s about 5’9” in heels and a bit heavier but it’s meatier less fatty than anything. I see Kit in a patch on her leather vest and realize this is my wife, the woman I woke up next to. “I told you all he’d be black out drunk,” Hawk says laughing; I must be the most entertaining thing he’s ever seen. I am led away from the main part of the bar to a quiet room where Kit has me sit down before smiling at me and taking a seat for herself. “So guess you heard the full story,” She says and I nod,” It’s not a real marriage.” “I’m sorry but that is good news to me,” I state and see her face change from joking to grumpy,” No I mean if I was going to marry a woman I’d like to remember it.” “I’ll let that slide ‘husband’. You were so sweet about it and after jumping up and telling me you wanted to be my stay at home baby daddy I figured it’d be fun for a night at least,” Kit says and I sigh in relief. “Okay but why the tattoo,” I ask and she smiles. I watch her undo her leather jacket and pull it off revealing a pair of breasts that I wish I could remember getting a hold of last night. Kit turns away from me and shows me an older tattoo of a large male devil in red with a cock that hangs to his knees. I chuckle and she joins me putting her jacket back on. “I figured if you ever needed a reason to regret trying to out drink Hawk that would be it,” Kit tells me moving to sit on my lap,” By the way kid, you were really nice last night.” “Well it was our wedding night,” I joke and she laughs before leading me back to the bar. Hawk leads me to a van and once we’re both inside I’m driven back to Guy’s home. It’s afternoon when I’m let out at the end of the driveway and walk the modest distance in broad daylight wearing the same clothes I had on when I left about a day earlier. I get about ten feet away from the door and there is my mentor looking at me like I’m about to get scolded by my parents. I don’t have any bad memories of mom and dad but I figure at some point I would have been scolded and now is about the time it comes due for me I guess. I shamble inside the house and get led to the living room where Imelda and Katy are waiting for me and I’m pointed to a spot on the couch to sit. “So I’m guessing when I sent you away to give you a fun night out you decided to go all sorts of crazy on my friend Hawk,” Guy starts and I try to defend myself. “Guy he wasn’t mad at me and honestly I don’t remember much,” I start but he’s still going. “Let’s not ignore the fact that you beat a man up and another one got stabbed but you got married. M-A-R-R-I-E-D,” Guy says the last part loudly and slowly,” What do you have to say for yourself?” “She was hot and I got a tattoo,” is all I can come up with. I don’t know what is worse; people mad when they hear what happened and why or when they start laughing about it. I finally gauge their responses and realize they are messing with me and I’m a little embarrassed when Guy calms a little. “Hawk sent me a few pics and a video of last night Stu; honestly I’m proud as hell of you. A little disappointed you don’t remember it but we had a vote last night while you were getting hitched,” Guy says chuckling at his words,” and you’re done here.” “What I’m out,” I ask upset. “No you’re ‘graduating’ or whatever. You’re as done as we can make you,” Guy says and it hits me like a shock. I thought everything was about me getting in better shape and feeling better from that, I was wrong. This whole time Guy and his family have been rebuilding everything. I was smart but now I’m strong and I don’t take shit. I can do things for me and I don’t need any help from anyone anymore, not even Guy. I want it though, I want the help more than anything when Guy pulls out his phone and makes a call. I watch him talk for a minute when he hands it to me. “Stuart it’s your uncle Morgan,” Guy says handing me the phone and confusing me with how he has my Uncle’s phone number. “Uncle Morgan,” I ask quietly into the phone. “Stuart you beautiful boy how the hell are you,” Uncle Morgan bellows into the phone. “I’m good sir, I’m doing an internship,” I tell him, it’s partially true. “I know boy, I get a phone call in July that I am needed for a sit down in Texas and I don’t know shit from fuck in Texas. I get down here and I find out that my contract has been bought out and I’m out of a job. Not a minute later an older truck driver, some guy by the last name of Amdahl who used to drive truck has me making more than I was driving and all I’m doing now is plotting routes and telling drivers their times,” Uncle Morgan tells me over the phone and I’m staring at Guy perplexed. “That’s great Uncle,” I tell him and I can hear him smile. “I don’t know who you are working with up there but they got me better work and I am going to hug whatever new bosses you have boy. You doing a good job for them up there,” He asks and I’m dumbfounded. “I’m doing real well up here, they’re sending me back to school soon,” I ask and Guy nods. “Well that’s good, listen I’m gonna let you go but we’ll do that computer chat thingy with the camera soon,” He says and I am confused. “Uncle Morgan you don’t own a computer to Skype,” I tell him and he laughs harder. “I do now boy, I also have a condo. I’ll send you some pictures of that social site you love so much,” He tells me and ends the call. My world is on a roller coaster and the only thing I can think of is how much pull does Guy have? Uncle Morgan loved driving trucks and he got him to quit and take a job in under a month and he’s happy with it? I am sent to the shower by Imelda and Katy, apparently I smell like blood and a bar floor. Showers are good for reflection, Kit was nice and Candice is even nicer if there is such a thing but neither one are looking at me for long term and that’s what I want but what do I do till then. Run around and plot revenge and what the fuck good is that going to do for me? I wrap a towel around me and head back to my room to dress only to find that some of my belongings, mostly my new clothing, has been packed up for me. The next two days is all going over my new college plan, apparently Jun has been doing some planning for me and did all my course sign up online while I’ve been working. Everything for me is set up pretty much and I realize that I’m going back when after four weeks I like it here save for one thing. It’s Saturday and I’m heading out on a plane tomorrow and Candice is working, she’s been working with Lajita on a project in Chicago but she says she has a surprise for me if I’m a good boy next spring. I joke about possibly being in a relationship by then and she honestly doesn’t doubt it, her words make me feel good about me. I am moving around the home, Guy’s home and wondering what is going to happen after I leave when I realize that I’m one of two people here and the other is Natsuko, or as I like to think of her the Asian bitch. She’s in the living room looking at something on a tablet as I head to the kitchen. I almost watched her from the hall a couple times but I realized that it’s no different than listening to Richard and a woman as he mocked me and my formerly feeble attempts at happiness. I’m heading back to my room when I hear it. “So Richard looks pretty hot,” Natsuko says from the living room and I pause. “And how would you know that,” I ask not bothering to turn to look at her. “Oh Jun, he is my older brother so when I asked him to crack Richard’s social accounts for information he was happy to help. Honestly he should model or something, nude at that,” She says following me as I resume heading to my room. “Wonderful, want to come down and meet him? I leave tomorrow,” I tell her as she passes behind me in the hall. “Not yet, I’ll wait till you become a fat piece of shit who can’t get a date and then I’ll come down to fuck him silly. Might even teach the stud a thing or two,” she says as she gets to her room,” I’m going to be giving myself some major orgasms to his pics on here so I’ll see you in a couple months.” I watch her door close and I’m boiling mad. She’s been a pain in my ass and a fucking cock tease for a month and now she wants to fuck Richard. And where does she get off thinking I’m just going to turn back into what I was. Go sit down, sit down, calm down and think about the situation in calm and reasoned…. Fuck her she left her fucking door open and I can hear her. I stomp down the hall and shove the bitch’s door open as it hits the wall I step in and grab it with my hand slamming it shut behind me. All this startles Natsuko who is dressed down in a tight t shirt and athletic shorts, the loose kind, as she was standing by her bed with her tablet in hand. “What the fuck are you doing,” She asks angry and shocked. I give her a second to think and move next to her before shoving her down on the bed. I snatch the tablet out of her hand and toss it to the floor; I figure it’s time I took a page from the Wilma rules. Grabbing Natsuko by the back of her head I pull her up the bed climbing up on it myself so I’m almost kneeling over her at her side. I use my opposite hand to invade the waistband of the shorts, she has some skimpy panties on but I pass those and find a shave pussy with my fingers. Natsuko starts to move around like she’s struggling for a minute but when I get to her clit that is where things stop and I proceed to play with and flick her little bump with my fingers changing directions just to keep her guessing and frustrated. For her part Natsuko is either trying to fight me off or get me to decide on what to do so she can get into it while moaning lightly and trying to grind against my hand. I don’t have her head in a death grip but just enough that I’m in fucking charge. Natsuko pulls her shorts down and her panties make that barely panties come off with them and she starts trying to fuck my hand. I push my fingers lower and shove my middle digit in till the rest of my hand stops against her hips. Natsuko is moaning but that turns to thrashing and getting louder as I move my finger in and out of her fast while my palm slaps her clit. I’m getting a little hard but decide this isn’t enough for the cock tease and add another finger while speeding up their invasion of her body. I can hear how wet she is as my hand slaps against her clit and at one point I think she’s having an orgasm as she begins shaking against my hand. I slow down and remember an archive of porn I watch last year and lightly slap her pussy a couple times causing Natsuko to yelp. When she finally calms down I release her head and get up from the bed before grabbing what I think is a dirty shirt from her basket and dry my hand off. I’m almost out of her door to head back to my room when I hear her talk. “What the fuck, all that and no finish,” Natsuko asks and I think before turning to face her. “I just needed a toy to play with,” I tell her reminding her of her words almost a month earlier,” Honestly I’d rather screw someone who’d at least enjoy it.” I don’t have the chance to the door open as about a hundred plus pounds of rushes me from the bed, I turn to face an attack but when Natsuko yanks down my shorts while dropping to her knees I am caught off guard. Her hand was good a month ago and with my back against the door I watch as her little Asian face engulfs my cock. There is no hesitation in Natsuko as she slams me down her throat and back to the head fast. It is amazing to my nerves and I feel great but as soon as I start to get close I feel her stop and pull her mouth off of me. “Bed or floor,” is the only question Natsuko has. Sadly I’m not interested in either and pick her up off the ground, she realizes what I’m doing and helps by wrapping her legs around me and with a little adjusting I press inside her. Tight and unbelievably slippery I get myself buried into her before turning around and putting her back against the wall start pounding away. It’s hot and with her wrapped around me and weighing almost nothing I get to put my attention on what I’m doing and not on dropping her on the floor. We’re both hot and sweating as I pin Guy’s assistant to the wall and pound out her pussy when I feel my blood start to burn and now I’m about to cum hard when she starts speaking in tongues, I think Japanese, and clamps down on me and I finish inside her hard. I’m holding us up as my orgasm fades when Natsuko climbs off of me and pushes me back towards her bed. I’m made to sit as she strips me down before pulling her own shirt off and crawls up the bed stopping at my cock and taking her time begins to clean me up with her mouth. I relax and let the lady work and for a while it’s nice but before long it’s more intense as she’s trying to get me hard again. “I don’t think that’s going to work,” I tell her as she looks up and smirks. “You have balls, it’ll work,” is Natsuko’s reply before engulfing me in her mouth again. She works on me with a slow and intense purpose as I feel her hand massage my balls. Sure enough my little brain has me hard and she smiles before crawling up all the way and slowly impales her Asian pussy on me. I let her do the work this time as she grinds and rolls her hips against me; I place my hands on her small breasts and rub her nipples lightly. I feel Natsuko gripping me with her pussy and as she rolls and grinds me I make it a point to relax a little more. Natsuko has her eyes closed as she leans forward planting her hands on my chest and finally speeding up a little. We’re both groaning as she grinds harder and faster when she smiles and stops. It’s not a wicked smile but there are not good intentions in her eyes as she pulls her feet up and with me inside her while squatting over me begins to slam her hips down on me hard filling the room with a louder smacking noise. I take her face in my hands and feel her as she takes my thumb in her mouth biting down a little which for some reason is a fucking turn on and a half as she speeds up making sure the second orgasm is better than the first. I can feel it start and so can Natsuko as she pounds as hard as her little hips can go when I spew what I think was my entire right testicle into her, problem is she’s started cumming half way through my orgasm and now she’s not stopping. I’m grinding my teeth and groaning against it all as she keeps going, I watch as one of her hands starts rubbing her clit fast and frantic before she clamps down on me and I’m splashed in the face by warm liquid. I hear her chuckle while moaning and squirting on me but she finally relaxes and I fall out of Natsuko as she slumps off to one side of her bed. I look around the room a little and see Japanese artwork and a few anime posters from way back before I notice she’s staring at me, I turn to meet her gaze and there is no more pissed off and screwing with me Natsuko. “Don’t wait a month to prove someone wrong, I was seriously disappointed in you that night when you didn’t come and try to fuck me right then,” She tells me and I look at her confused. “You said no,” I reply and she giggles. “I was naked, wet and had just jerked you off. So you finger me and get me off but do something Stuart. I don’t want to hear about you not getting what’s yours this year okay,” Natsuko says as we pull ourselves from her bed and creep to the bathroom hoping nobody is home. We shower together and barely make it to my room when the front door opens with Guy and his wives and kids. We are chuckling when she pulls my towel off and wraps it around herself before leaning out the door and checking. I watch her dart back to her room and close the door after her before dressing again. She reenters my room dressed but without knocking before sitting down across from me and now I have to ask. “Did Guy put you up to this,” It has bothered me for a few minutes. “Oh hell no, this was all me,” Natsuko replies and I look puzzled. “So this whole time you didn’t hate me or want to fuck with me, you were just trying to get me to come and screw you,” I ask and she nods,” And what about the whole Richard thing?” “Okay yes Richard is an attractive male, here’s his problem and to a lesser extent yours. Neither of you is Guy, granted there are a few similar traits I recently discovered that I pray he didn’t teach you cause that would be weird but with Guy it’s just something that makes me feel like standing still. I hate standing still,” Natsuko explains and I think I understand. “You love him but why not just jump on the married to the man bus and get it over with,” I ask and she just smiles. “Not me yet, it’s just not me yet but I will say this about you and listen carefully,” I wait as she pauses to check my attention span,” I don’t fuck outside of our little group here often, hell it’s been years since someone other than Guy but Stuart, you were worth it, it kind of gives me hope for the male species.” Her last bit has me laughing and we both enjoy the joke or half truth she laid out on me before joining the family in the back yard. Guy looks between us and has a silent laugh to himself when I decide to do something ballsy. “Katy I want a second shot,” I tell her in front of everyone. “What are you talking about,” Katy asks looking as confused as the rest of the adults. “Want to spar with you and see how good I really am. You kicked the shit out of me once before but I’d like to see if I could at least hold my own,” I tell her with a cocky smirk, I feel cocky. “Stuart stand down,” Guy says but I’m not looking at anything serious. “Come on, it’ll just be for fun,” I tell them and go to throw a quick air jab when my world turns upside down. I didn’t see it coming, I was paying attention to Katy who was staring at me confused when my arm left for the jab and a hand grabbed my wrist. As strong as I am I get pulled off to one side a few steps then my arm is twisted behind my head and I’m laying on my shoulders with my ass in the air, I look up and see Guy staring down at me as his foot is pressed against my face and I see his eyes. No hesitation, he’s going to kill me. There are voices coming into my ears now and Guy backs off and storms away as Katy and Imelda help me up. I look to where Guy went into the house and wonder what I did. “Did anyone get the number of that truck,” I try to joke and Katy takes my face in her hands to look at me. “Stuart I’m pregnant, you just threatened my husband’s unborn child,” Katy tells me and now I’m an asshole. I feel my stomach sink and instead of being tended to I pull myself up brushing off my mentor’s wives and follow him into the house. I can see him grabbing his leather jacket and I move in front of him to cut off his exit. “Stuart move,” he tells me and I root my feet to the ground,” Stuart I’m warning you.” “I really didn’t know Guy, I’m sorry and I was stupid. Kill me if you want or cut off whatever you’ve been doing but I didn’t know. Nobody said anything to me and I feel like shit as it is,” I tell him and see his face change and his body straighten up. “We told everyone, hell we’ve been talking about it around the house,” He asks me and I shrug. “I was a little absorbed in my own life Guy, I’m sorry. Honest truth had I known I would have done something safe like piss on Mrs. Imelda’s bike,” I tell him and he starts laughing. I realize I made a joke and I can see him calming down. I start to breath easily and watch as Katy comes into the room followed by Kori and the rest of the family. Guy turns to see them and points at me. “It takes me a decade or so to find someone who just apologizes first and doesn’t think shit will be fine and I had to train him,” Guy says in between laughs and the wives calm down a lot. I watch as Guy’s daughter Esme demands carry time with daddy, I hear her telling him something in Spanish and they talk as he takes her to the living room and sits down. The rest of the afternoon and evening are calm and relaxed as my last night at Guy’s home comes to an end. The next morning I’m up before I’m supposed to be and Guy is waiting as I grab my one bag of clothing and my new phone as he hands me my wallet. We head off in the SUV towards the airport just the two of us and I want to say so much but I don’t know where to start. For his part Guy is quiet and focused on our trip. Less than an hour and I’m about to get checked in for my flight when Guy shakes my hand and starts to leave without a word. “Sir is that it,” I ask and he stops. “What are we women? I’m going to see you again and you know how to contact me or you will very soon,” He says with a smirk,” Focus on you and if you need help or advice you’ll know what to do.” I must look like he just broke up with me or something because I feel like I’m getting odd looks from people walking past as I go through the check in process. I don’t have much and decided that pants and polo shirt would be good for the trip. I settle in and while I’m not flying first class the plane I’m on isn’t one that has the option either and it’s not long before I’m up in the air. Flying isn’t as fun as one would think especially when I’m only in the air for a few hours before we touchdown in LAX. I grab my overhead bag and leave the terminal when my phone, the new one goes off. I look down and see the name Jun on the screen. “Congratulations you’re back in California,” He says in a happy yet subdued voice. “Yeah, I’m beginning to rethink the planning here,” I tell him walking through the airport. “You’ll be fine. I’m letting you know that we did some alterations but its all good on our end and we’re there when you need us or just want to talk. You’re the new recruit but training is over, now comes the fun part,” Jun tells me as I grab one of the airport busses. “Okay well I’m on the bus and,” I look in my wallet for money and find a new card with my name on it,” What the hell? When did I get a credit card?” “Not credit, business account. You are a paid employee and you earned your wages. There is a cap on it mind you but a grand a month should be enough aside from us fully paying your tuition and fees for this year and last,” Jun informs me and I’m stunned. “Thank you,” Is all I can say and he laughs. “We’ll talk soon, get in safe first,” Jun says before ending the call. The trip is boring and quiet as I stare at my new and more importantly earned allowance card. Granted it’s not actually my money if there is a cap but hell I earned access to the money and I need to buy a new computer or some parts post fucking haste when I get in. The bus drops me off at the dorms and I don’t stop to greet the few people hanging around that I do recognize as I head to my room. I have my room key and know people are looking at me funny as I’m going into a room that isn’t supposed to be mine but then again I’m not the boy I was three months ago, I manned up. The living room is still the same including a thin layer of dust on the flat surfaces as I get to my room and see a new lock on the door. I pause and realize it’s a new door too, very new but still college dorm equipment as my second key does the lock and I enter my room for the first time in three months. “What the fuck did they do,” are my only words as I stare around the room that was once mine. Everything has been redone, the old posters I had of goofy nerd stuff are gone but now there are framed art from a few movies that are classics. My bed went from the light wood frame and lumpy mattress they supplied to a new full sized queen mattress and metal frame along with new pillows and blankets. My closet is clear of all my old clothing save for a single outfit that has a note on it that reads ‘remember’. Biggest thing for me is my old desk; it’s gone along with my computer and replaced with a wood desk and a completely custom computer that starts running as soon as I sit down at the chair. I watch the screen come to life and Jun is staring at me with a stupid grin on his face. “Told you we’d talk soon,” He says laughing and I have to laugh back. “Okay so I’m going to pray you aren’t watching me when I bring a girl back here,” I tell him and he continues to laugh. “You think I don’t get enough at home, oh yeah, you haven’t formally met my wife. You’ll change that tune quick once you do,” Jun tells me and we calm down,” Technically your computer is still working it’s just disassembled and in your closet, I had a friend of mine help me build this. Ben and Isaac set up your room to the specs that Kori and Rachael decided and I ran the technical portion. Now comes the bad news.” “Okay I’m wondering if it’s actually bad news,” I joke and he smiles. “You’re still working for us, all that you have is technically the property of the business so when I need you to help out you’re going to have to put shit on the back burner and contribute,” Jun tells me and all I can do is smile. “As long as it doesn’t get in the way of my classes I’m ready,” I reply and he smiles back. “This is why I knew you’d be the first one to pass every one of the challenges put in front of you,” He tells me and I pause. “Wait how many people has Guy done this with,” I ask and he brushes me off. “Not important, you’re the first success take some fucking pride in that and don’t forget you have a big day tomorrow,” He tells me before ending the video call. My first afternoon and night back I don’t even leave the room, Richard isn’t back from his vacation yet but I was also delivered early. I order a pizza and nearly kick the mini fridge next to my bed. Inside are sports drinks and some soda and a six pack of bottled beer waiting for me? I have to laugh; they really set this up well. Paying for the pizza with the card feels pretty good and I settle in eating only half of the pizza and save the rest. I remember polishing off full pizzas before but now I stop eating even though I’m not full. I check out all the email, news media and trends along with what movies I can grab that I missed watching before settling down at night and sleeping for the first time on my new bed. Monday morning but I’m up and ready even though the computer alarm shocked the shit out of me. Waking up to a crying baby is not good for someone who doesn’t have one. I check the time and see that it’s five and decide to go for a run. My run takes me around the campus which is dead save for some faculty and I smile as some look at me like I’m deranged. I could use the track course but streets are hard and I need to keep myself from getting soft, at least that’s what I think Guy would say. I get back to my room and find out some bad news after my shower, I have new freaking towels, that I was signed up to help with orientation tours. Now I want to scream, I did the tours, they sucked hard and you didn’t learn shit but I am going through my new clothing trying to figure out what to wear. I settle for a muscle shirt, I have those now, and a pair of jeans with different running shoes and head over to the common area that is listed as the location. There are more than a few new people, probably forty or so and I’m one of six people there to organize it. Also I’m the only straight guy as the fruit fairy, he’s pink and purple, is talking more like a girl than the actual girls. First thing I notice is that the women are noticing me. I’m still 5’10” but now I’m a tank as Guy kept calling me and with new clothing I have to show my old ID to prove I’m Stuart Wolfric. I am asked if I need help with the tour and figure if someone wants to come with me they can and wait for the other to organize the groups. I see the new people with maps that have a letter on it for grouping but nobody is paying attention as the black girl next to me tries to get everyone’s attention. “Everyone please pay attention and move to your assigned group so we can start out our tours,” She asks as some look and others barely listen. I place my hand on her shoulder and step in front of her, take a deep breath and start in like I was taught. “Listen up you shitheads I’m not waiting for you to fucking get a clue we’re starting tours in two minutes,” I yell out and everyone stops and stares at me wide eyed,” there are four groups, look at the little map in your hand and you’ll see a letter for your group. A for asshole, B for bitch, C for cunt and D for dumbass, get in your groups now. I’m the Dumbass with the D.” People chuckle as I both shock and humor everyone but the groups get organized and the black girl, Miki, thanks me before taking her group. I head off towards the science buildings and my tour begins. I try to inform people as to what classes when I realize that most are looking at me funny. “How did they organize you all,” I ask and one guy steps forward. “We’re looking into art and literature courses mostly,” he says and I laugh. “Okay so this building is important for two reasons, one it’s where student tutors go when they aren’t helping you out. And second it’s where you will be asked to sign up for experiments such as psych testing and such. Remember to read the contract and check if there is money involved,” I tell the group before taking them off towards the library. As tours go I get done quickly by breezing through shit they don’t know and focusing on where they will be spending their time and even stopping a few teachers. I even stop my last English Lit professor, Mr. Collins, and introduce him as someone worth paying attention to. I get a friendly pat on the back and lead my tour to the final important areas, housing and cafeteria. With the tour wrapped up and time to spare and I have the group wait as the rest of the teams come in either on time or late. With some final words they are told to head out. I am asked for my number by a couple of the new students in case they have questions and I happily volunteer to help before breaking away from the group and heading towards my dorm room. I don’t get a hundred feet and I’m stopped by someone calling after me, I turn and see Caitlin, Trinity’s roommate last year and probably again this year jogs up to me. I note the light jog has her very ample breast bouncing nicely and it looks like she put some meat on her hips as the short skirt and leggings cover her lower half but the button up cotton top keep the breasts in check. I think she’s Native American by her skin tone and black hair but I don’t really care enough to ask. “Stuart is that you,” She asks and I look around like she’s looking for someone else. “I’m sorry were you looking for someone else,” I ask her playing for fun. “Stuart I thought I recognized you a little but damn you changed,” She says taking a better look at me. “Not really, I’m still the same guy I was before the summer. People just didn’t care to see it,” I tell her before resuming my walk back towards my room. “Hey I was just trying to say hi,” She says catching up. “Okay, hello. Anything else,” I say not breaking stride. “You wanna catch up, I have the rest of the day free,” Caitlin asks bounding in front of me causing me to stop. “Wow, you asking me to hang out. Are you desperate? Did the male models not show up this week,” I ask her feeling a bit like an asshole, the good kind. “No wait what? I was just thinking…,” Caitlin starts but I stop her. “Here’s what you were thinking, it’s senior year and the guy who tutored my roommate got himself money, a new look and in serious shape. Am I wrong so far,” I ask but she just stares at me confused,” You thought, he’s lonely and I have nothing better to do till I can get hold of someone prettier.” “I wasn’t thinking anything like that,” Caitlin replies shocked and ‘hurt’. “Yeah, I wasn’t good enough to even warrant pleasant conversation last year and honestly I’m not good enough for you now,” I tell her stepping around and continuing to my room. I am settled in for a night of watching TV on my computer and I think about my reaction to Caitlin earlier today. I was harsh and pretty blunt with her and honestly it felt good. She thought I was a sack of shit and while I was pretty sack like I didn’t deserve the crap she hurled my way. I wake up and go about my work out on Tuesday morning and return to my room to shower off a little. A fresh change of clothing and head out to get the basics taken care of in person before any sort of class starts. you want a rundown of college it’s pretty much like high school except everyone there is too busy trying to keep from fucking up to do stupid shit in class. I get through all four of my classes,男人扒开添女人下部免费视频 Jun has me paced to have free time on my last year, and mostly I’m just getting through the basics and meeting teachers before I head back to my room and run into a familiar face. I get the door open and notice the open door to Richard’s bedroom and luggage outside his door, can even hear him talking on the phone. “Yeah I just got in but it looks like I have a new roommate… no there is new stuff in the bathroom and they replaced the door… Well I don’t know Steph but if he left or changed rooms then I can ask the housing people where he went,” I hear Richard talking and I just slip past and get into my room. I know he heard my door close and he’s still talking to Stephanie, apparently they decided to keep in touch during the summer. I didn’t know fuck buddies were that committed to each other. I settle down at my computer and actually write an email to Guy letting him know that first day is off to the races and that I already told off a bitch. I figure he’ll get a laugh out of that when someone, I’m guessing Richard, knocks on my door. I open it up and yep, it’s Richard. “Hey there are you the new, holy shit Stuart what the fuck happened to you,” Richard starts politely but changes gear recognizing me. “Nothing why, did I make a mess,” I ask looking past him to the living room. “No I mean you lost weight, a lot of it,” He tells me and I nod sighing. “Yes I lost weight, the earth’s orbit around the sun has been corrected, people in Ethiopia are now eating full meals, blah blah blah,” I make sarcastic jokes before turning my attention to him,” what do you need Richard?” “Yeah man, Steph called me about a month back saying she couldn’t find you. People were saying shit like you’d been kidnapped or something and I was concerned so I tried calling you and you didn’t answer,” he tells me being very genuine, I’m not impressed. “Yeah I got a new number about a month ago with a new phone, I was without any technology for about two months,” I tell him leaving out major details on purpose. “What the hell were you doing,” He asks confused. “I was getting better,” I reply simply. “Better at what,” He asks still confused, not a sharp tool as memory serves. “Everything, is this going to go on for a while I’m trying to relax before I go to the gym this evening,” I tell Richard who looks a little surprised I’m brushing him off. “No man, sorry to keep you up I was just concerned when you dropped off the planet,” Richard says making a hasty exit from my door. I close up and sit down at my computer desk, that felt different but I can’t figure out if it’s a good different or a bad one. Caitlin was me being an asshole, mind you deservingly but Richard was thoughtless and callous. Should I try to be friendly? Questions for later as I change clothes and head out to the gym. People are either watching each other work out or trying to see if the hot person on a machine is interested in looking at them, personally I don’t care I’m here to work. One thing I never found out was how strong I actually am with a number, I look at the bench press and shake my head at it, I’m as strong as I need to be. I settle into the workout routine that Guy had me on of lighter weights and more reps to keep myself as trim as my frame will allow. I don’t wear fashionable tight clothes or team logos when I work out. It’s all grey t shirt and grey shorts for me. I’m half way through my routine and put my free weights down when I see a girl struggling with her bar on the bench press, problem is she has no spotter and is straining too hard to ask for help. I rush over quickly and pull the bar up slowly before letting it rest and help her up as she massages her arms. “Hey you okay,” I ask and the chubby Asian girl nods quickly. “Yeah, first time in the gym here and I nearly die on day three,” she says before holding out her hand,” I’m Robin.” “Stuart, want to try again with a spotter this time,” I ask offering to help. “Oh I can’t do that to you, you looked so intense working out over there,” She says pointing out my lack of flaunting. “Yeah well after getting my fat ass down to this,” I say patting my stomach,” I am not going back to making metal chairs beg for mercy.” “So you work out for real not for show, I figured I’d try working out since most of the guys I know here are in the same psych classes as I am and they didn’t have my ex,” She says realizing it hurts to talk about it. “Hey exes are good; they remind you that there are things you don’t want in the future for yourself. Life is trial and error,” I tell her and realize I’m probably quoting Guy. “Well he thought it was cool to date the Korean girl but when I got into UCLA decided to make a change and transferred to Georgia State and broke it off,” Robin tells me explaining her situation as I pick up a few free weights and resume working. “Standard issue god’s gift it sounds like,” I tell her and she laughs. “And you’re not,” She jokes and I smile. “I’m not a gift, I’m me, nasty faults and all,” I tell her and she shakes her head. “You really don’t sell yourself well,” She replies with a pair of weighs all her own. “I just don’t bullshit about me. Yes I look better than I did last year but who I am and what I love hasn’t changed. I just added things that made me better,” I tell her and she smiles. We chat, while working out lightly, its light for me but talking is good and I need to do more of it. We finish up and while I don’t ask for her number she asks for mine and we exchange them before parting ways. I get back to my dorm room to find Richard sitting on the couch with his big ass TV on watching something with explosions and hot women. “Enjoy your work out,” he asks me as I pass the couch. “Yeah, met a girl, want her name and info,” I ask him taking a big ass shot towards what happened last year. “I’m sorry man,” Richard replies and I just shrug,” No I’m not bullshitting. I talked with Stephanie a bit this summer, I know that sounds bad but she called me out on my shitty treatment. She actually said I treated you like a stooge.” “I was your paid hand, hold drinks and watch your back even though you didn’t need it. I tried to have something for me and when I shared that with my ‘friend’ Richard you made me regret it. My fault Richard not yours,” I tell him and he looks at me confused from the couch. “How is my shitty treatment your fault,” He asks and finally turn to address him. “Because I didn’t call you out on how much of a complete ass you are, I stood around and moped while I let you buy me off with free food and beer. Oh yeah I got to go to parties and sleep with the friend of whoever you were going to take for a ride but honestly I got to have a few real friends this summer and now I know the difference,” I explain to him being very brutal and honest. “Can we be friends again, no bull shit and no screwing you over or anything man. I thought of you as my friend all last year but I know I was a dick. I finally get that more or less and would like having a real friend again,” Richard asks and I think he’s actually being genuine. “I don’t know, honestly thought if you told me to fuck myself and die I’d be fine with that too. I know what I want for friends and your track record is shitty at best,” I tell him finally getting to my door and inside my room. “You know what man, I’m trying here. Yeah its day one of the year but what says I can’t have someone show me I was a douche bag and do something about it. I can’t get a chance to right a bit of what happened between us,” He asks and I just shrug like I don’t care. I almost get in my room when I am turned around and my face stings, he punched me. I don’t need to straighten up much from the punch and now Richard has a look on his face of ‘holy shit’. I know Richard can box but that is all gone as I tackle him in front of the bathroom. We grapple around and I get the upper hand and land a good punch right to Richard’s fucking face. He tries to push me off but I’m heavier and a great deal stronger as I get a clear shot and this time I hit him somewhere it hurt as he screams out. A fist comes up and lands right on my chin slamming my jaw and mashing my teeth together. I’m reeling back as he pushes me off and gets to his feet and I see it, his blood coming out his nose. “Dude stop, man. I’m sorry, stop,” Richard says wary. “Why,” I ask before bum rushing Richard and slamming him into the wall. More of us grappling when a solid fist hits me in the gut and that one really hurt. I take hold of his shirt and decide to take a page from the Desmond lessons as I use every bit of strength I have and turning hurl Richard across our small living room and into the couch. Not the soft part, the hard top ridge is where he lands and I watch as he rolls onto the cushions. My gut hurts, my jaw hurts but I’m looking at Richard rolling to his knees off the couch and onto the floor. I wait for him to get up and I can see he’s hurting as much if not more as I am as he limps towards me. “I have a first aid kit,” He mumbles stepping past me and into his room. I watch him patch himself up after getting a bottle of pain killers from my room and a couple beers from my fridge. I set one down in front of Richard who takes a look at it and the pain killers. “Aren’t we not supposed to mix those,” he asks taking two. “Fuck it, I’ll miss class tomorrow if I get that fucked up,” I tell him sitting down across from him on the living room floor. “You got fucking strong,” Richard tells me checking his side,” I’m gonna bruise like hell.” “Want me to get a woman to rub shit on that for you,” I tell him and he grimaces at me. “I’d pay someone to do that if I needed it,” he tells me,” Feel better about shit now?” “Nope, I think I need to kick you around for another couple days for that,” I tell him half joking and he finally laughs a little before groaning. “Fuck that hurts, so Stephanie’s plans this summer got fucked up by yourself improvement vacation,” Richard tells me and now I’m curious,” Before I left she caught me outside and asked me how you were doing. You were still angry and I told her you needed time to cool off. She had plans to come by in a week or so and either take you out to eat or bring you food. I think she wanted to smother you with attention till you forgot about her coming over here and having sex with me.” “You want to be my friend for real,” I ask him not liking what I hear about Stephanie,” You don’t tell people shit about me when and if they ask.” “What about if we’re out at a party and girls want to know who you are,” He asks getting ground rules. “Use your fucking judgment. You want a chance to actually be a friend then be a real one,” I tell him and we come to a loose agreement. The next week and a half were livable. Livable in the sense that Richard was being friendly with me and I was being friendly back. Things have been good in the respect that we’re getting along and even trying to socialize as friends, just one problem with it. I don’t fully trust him. Honestly he’s socially stupid or just didn’t get what he was doing last year. It’s not that I’m waiting for him to fuck up; I’m just really not going to give him a chance to. Thursday of our second week I’m heading from class to my dorm room and the nice black girl that was with me doing student tours. “Stuart right, the man with the D,” she jokes and I catch the innuendo,” We never got to talk. I’m Niki.” “Is that short for Nicole,” I ask and she shakes her head. “Nikayla actually but I try not to be so ghetto. What are you doing tomorrow night,” Niki asks with hope. “Honestly I don’t have plans so I was going to hang out at my room after hitting the gym,” I tell her and she smiles. “Well I know of a mixer that just happens to be going on. You could I don’t know, swing by and maybe socialize with people,” She tells me and now I am almost exploding inside. “Really, and you’re asking me because,” I counter just happy I’m getting the invite by name and not plus one. “Well when we did tours you were amazing, real take charge. Then I catch you in the computer science wing but you’re putting things together and doing programming. Maybe I just want to know a little more about the man with the brains and the brawn,” Niki says and now I’m interested. I get the place and time before heading back to my dorm and I have to come to grips with my first real party invite. Friday comes and I’m blowing through everything in my classes at light speed which doesn’t help because the clocks aren’t speeding up. I get done with everything and back to my room to find Richard is occupying the shower. I have time and as soon as he’s out I get mine started and after a good clean up and some mandatory grooming I look pretty good and start to leave, at the same time as Richard. “Frat party at the Omega house,” He asks and I shake my head. “Brain party at the dorms the other direction,” I tell him and he shrugs. “Damn getting your own invites. Well text me if it gets dull and I’ll get you in where I’m at,” Richard offers and I’m a bit confused. “I can take care of myself,” I tell him and he looks stunned. “Never said you couldn’t, but sometimes shit gets boring and I’m there with an invite if needed. That’s all,” he counters before heading out. Where Richard dressed up in clothing that looks good with or without a beer I decided to go with something presentable in a short sleeve button up shirt, I have three that feel like silk, and slacks. I get out the door and lock up before heading off to the proper address. Sure enough there is a dorm party in the common area and it doesn’t act like the ones Richard goes to. People are talking and there is music, they’re dressed nice and drinking but its calm and relaxed. I have maybe ten minutes to move around and get myself a beer when Niki finds me. “Hey there I’m glad you came,” the pretty black girl says in greeting. She’s maybe 5’7” but has a nice skirt on to her mid thighs and a blouse top. The hair I saw done up a day ago is flattened and down around her shoulders. I am led away and introduced to a few people who recognize my name but not my face. “I thought you were some new tech teacher, I almost asked you a question in class this week,” one of the guys in our group says and we laugh. Talks consist of a lot of topics from current tech trends to politics and shockingly current events. I sit and listen in as one conversation catches my interest. “So Apex Lumber just went through some restructuring up north, looks like they paid an outside contractor to come in and there were some discrepancies in funding. Now things seem clear and the lumber industry in Oregon is going into full swing very soon,” I hear someone in a group next to mine say and I smile. “What are you smiling about,” Niki asks me and I can’t seem to stop. “Just a good evening is all,” I look around and see an open area,” Do you want to dance?” “Oh I don’t dance,” Niki tells me and I smile. “Good I don’t dance either so if you want we can go off to the open spot and shuffle our feet to the music,” I offer wondering where I’m getting this from. Niki’s smile is infectious as I lead her to the open patch of floor and with a little help we dance slow and close. I feel nervous but good as we sway to and fro; I get my toes stepped on a few times but ignore it as we relax for a couple songs. When we finally stop Niki is quick to go get a few drinks and I decide I will sit back and wait. I’m not waiting long when I hear my name. “Stuart right, what brings you to the brain party,” I see Robin from the gym ask as she walks up. “I was invited. I don’t think they invited me before because of my size or smell,” I joke and she laughs. “Well you don’t have those problems now. I saw you actually dancing during the brain party, I think you had some girls jealous that you actually tried to get something party based going,” Robin tells me and we laugh. “Excuse me who’s your friend Stuart,” Niki asks a little hot as she comes back with our drinks. “I’m sorry Niki this is Robin, we met at the gym a week ago. Robin this is Niki, she invited me here,” I do the introductions and see Robin smile at Niki. “Actually he’s my date,” Niki says and I don’t choke on my beer thankfully. “Not a problem, I was just saying hi to a friend is all. I’ll let you two have some space,” Robin says stepping away and I get a death look from Niki. “Are you hitting on women after dancing with me,” Niki asks and I straighten up and stare at her. “A new friend of mine says hi to me at a party and you’re mad with me for talking to her. I’m sorry but I don’t really know you and you’re jumping on me for being sociable,” I state quietly but firmly. Niki is very upset right now and I finish my drink before saying goodbye to a few people and exit the party at an early ten thirty. This is one of those things where men aren’t designed to win as Mrs. Kori told me. A woman getting mad is going to happen but don’t stand around apologizing, state your case once and if they don’t calm down walk away calmly. At least that’s what I think she said, there was a lot of information they pumped into my head so I think this is the right thing. I get maybe a hundred yards away from the party when I hear footsteps coming up behind me quickly. “Hey wait up Stuart,” It’s Niki as I turn to see her almost jogging in flats. “I’m waiting but why? You were very quick to jump all over me for some slight I didn’t cause,” I tell her and she looks at me puzzled. “Well I asked you here to get to know you and I learn a lot the hard way okay. You’re a nice guy and I didn’t think about that when you were just talking with that what’s her name,” Niki says explaining. “Her name is Robin, I remember people. She was just talking with me, we were having pleasant conversation before you went all ‘Girl you need to back off cause he’s mine’,” I tell her going a little black with my tone. “I did not think you were mine or anything like that,” Niki says a little less confident. “Really, you mean you didn’t just flat out declare me as ‘your date’ with hostility,” I restate to Niki who is back peddling. “Well technically you are my date, I did invite you. I was harsh okay but is it out of line to think we were on a date,” She asks and I shake my head, in humor. “If I was on a date I wouldn’t take my date to a party. I’d take her somewhere to eat and maybe a movie or something,” I explain frustrated with the situation. “Okay so where do we get some food,” Niki asks and I stare at her. “Your place for pizza or mine,” I ask her plainly and watch her debate. I don’t get an answer so much as a pull towards a different direction than my own room and find we’re at a different, slightly newer dorm. I follow Niki as she gets the door and it’s not much like my own dorm as instead of two bedrooms it looks like there are four and a common area. “Two of my dorm mates are at the same party we were at, one is sleeping more than likely and I’m the third room. I’ll get us something from the fridge,” Niki says trying to ignore the fact that she brought me here under pretenses of food. “I’m not that hungry,” I tell her and point at her room. I hear her sigh and let her get the door to her own bedroom before following her inside and she closes the door behind us. It’s nicer than the common room and she has a good door lock, I know because I heard it latch behind me. There is a desk with a laptop, simple twin bed with a nice bed set and clothing set out for at least a few days in advance. “Planning your week,” I ask noting the clothes. “I try to. Look I’m sorry I got so… intense,” Niki says and I shake it off. “Well let’s chalk it up to miscommunication and leave it at that,” I tell her and she sits on her bed as I take a seat on her computer chair. “I can still get us something or you can order pizza,” She offers and I smile. I stand up and so does Niki but in her case she takes my arm to stop me from leaving, apparently she didn’t catch my words moments ago. Everything is slow and subtle as I pull her against me and start doing what we were an hour ago, slow dancing. Although we have no music now it’s soft and slow till I hear her talking again. “I have jealousy issues, I can get possessive,” Niki says into my chest. “Depends on the level of you trying to possess me,” I tell her and she softens a little. “I don’t go out with white guys very often, they have compensation issues. I also don’t like sharing things. So can I just say it and have you listen,” Niki asks finally looking up slightly at me. “No, now we strip. Then I’m going to kiss you, then we’re going to have sex and we’re going to like it,” I tell her calmly and stop dancing. Okay so it’s out of order but when a curvy black girl grabs your face and tries to check your fillings with her tongue you don’t really care much about order. Clothing comes off quickly and I feel Niki’s hands guide my head down towards her second best smile while she sits spread on her bed. I don’t waste any time in teasing her as I go right to sucking her clit and using one finger on her pussy. Niki is wet as all hell and moaning loud enough to wake her one roommate who is home. I learned that good oral, thanks to Candice, is pretty much all you need to get a woman ready for anything. I feel her clamp down on my finger and smile a little as I know she’s having an orgasm. I back my face away from her fresh and wet pussy and with her ass on the bed. I watch her move up and crawl to her knees and wait for me as I stand at the edge of her bed, I pull her back towards me and rub my cock up and down Niki’s slit before pushing the head against her opening. I don’t go in as easily as I thought and Niki groans loudly as I push all the way down to the base. “Damn you’re thick,” Niki groans as I back up and push back in,” Fuck yes give it to me!” I’m horny as hell and instead of taking my time I back up and pound myself into her hard and deep. Every thrust I feel my hips slap her meaty ass and I reach up under her chest and squeeze her breasts. For a girl with a very meaty and cushioned ass her breasts feel like they’re barely b cups but considering she’s backing into me and I’m putting it to her hard I don’t care. I straighten up and gripping her ass cheeks with my hand spread them a little to see my cock go in and out of her light brown pussy. “Faster, fuck it faster dammit,” Niki groans and I watch her closed hand hit the wall. I know better than to question Niki on what she wants and go from watching my cock to making sure she remembers this and pound her hard and fast. Niki’s face isn’t where I can see it but with the groaning and moaning coming out of her as I try to tear her pussy up I don’t need to see. I watch her bite the blanket on her bed, pound her hand against the wall and finally tell me what I want to hear. “Fuck shit Christ I’m coming,” Niki yells out as I feel her clamp down on me. I let her ride it out and when she calms a bit and gets quieter I’m close to cumming myself and start to get into a rhythm when I hear something odd. “Stop, stop Stuart,” Niki says starting to pull away from me and I freeze in confusion. “What, what’s wrong,” I ask concerned. “I can’t, I can’t do this. Could you put on your clothes and leave,” Niki asks pulling her blanket up around her. “Wait you can’t what, I was close and it was good I think,” I ask and question at the same time. “I can’t go into it right now I need to you to just put on your clothes and leave. I need time to think okay,” Niki says and I must look stupid as she goes from panting to annoyed,” Please Stuart just leave.” I grab my clothes and put them on quickly with no words to Niki as she sits on her bed. I make sure I have everything before, without looking at her, exit the room and cross her living room. I get to the hall and pass a couple people, two of them female and they see me exiting their room and the smile knowing something that apparently I wasn’t aware of. I am back at my room in a matter of minutes and immediately call Guy. It’s late but I’m too pissed when I hear a female voice. “Hello,” I think its Mrs. Kori. “Hey Kori can I speak to Guy please,” I ask and hear the phone being passed. “Stuart we were just about to head to bed what’s going on,” Guy asks me concerned at my tone. I proceed to dump on him with everything that happened, the meeting with Caitlin in the commons, Robin and Niki. I get to the party and the date night and I’m so pent up I must be yelling as Guy takes control over the phone. “Stuart calm down and breathe ten breaths right now,” He tells me and I do so slowly,” Now one question, did you finish yourself?” “No I was too pissed but I think I will,” I tell him and he’s quick to counter. “No do not do that. She didn’t finish you so you hold that. Take that fucking frustration and you keep that. Soon something is going to happen and I want you ready to handle shit your way. Promise me, no do it yourself,” He says and I sigh in frustration. “Yes sir, I will not ‘do it myself’,” I promise him pissed but cooling,” what about if another girl comes along.” “Of course you can, it’s just because of this Niki cunt,” He tells me. We talk more and I calm down but I can feel rage settling like a hot coal in cold snow. I am in bed trying to get to sleep when I hear Richard come in and a female’s voice laughing. Not ten minutes later I hear her giggling and laughing and before long the sound of Richard putting it to his date hard and her appreciating his effort. Sleep comes and I wake up the next morning with raging morning wood but decide on bathroom and thankfully I’m good afterwards. I see an attractive blonde girl exiting Richard’s room and she actually smiles at me as she passes me to get into the bathroom. I settle down in the living room and Richard joins me in sweat pants and no shirt. “Hey man how was the brain party last night,” He asks and I growl lightly,” Dude I wish you would have come with me.” “Beginning to wonder if my social life is fucked,” I tell Richard who takes a seat on the couch. “Well I’m here man if you want to talk,” He offers but giggling blonde and the fact that I don’t want to talk with him spare me the conversation. The rest of Saturday and Sunday pass uneventfully and into Monday where I’m through to my lunch time and for once I’m not sitting at a table alone as Richard has joined me bringing a salad for both of us each. We’re eating and he’s talking about a get together he wants to have during Halloween when I hear Niki’s voice come wafting over the conversation as she calls my name. I don’t move, I don’t respond but Richard quiets down and is looking at her as she comes up to our table. Following her is a taller than me but thinner black male that I remember seeing in the chemistry labs. I want to walk away before this becomes painful. “Hey Stuart? I’m Larry, Niki’s boyfriend. She told me you and she went to the brain party on Friday. Thanks for being understanding man,” Larry says and I hold up a hand. “Can I get two things from you both,” I ask and I see them nod out of the corner of my eye,” Shut the fuck up, walk the fuck away.” “Stuart can we talk alone,” Niki asks looking at Richard. “No we cannot, you can see request number one and then follow it with request number two,” I state taking another bite of my salad. “Listen Niki and I were having a problem, we kinda separated but she almost made a mistake,” Larry says and I hold a finger for one. “What does the finger mean,” Niki asks and I see Richard nod and lean back from his food to watch. “I think you two might want to rethink this,” Richard says chuckling. “I think you need to butt out,” Niki says turning her attention to me,” I couldn’t go through with it because I was still with Larry, it was a mistake but I heard you were a nice guy and even Larry said you’d understand.” I hold up a second finger and have put my fork down; I don’t need it if Larry decides to push me. Please push me Larry. “Listen Stuart, I just want to thank you for being a good guy and walking away when you did,” Larry starts but I stand up fast and face him for the first time. He’s got about an inch or two on me but I have weight and for the first time I can tell I have the training advantage. Both Niki and Larry are stunned to see me move that quick and Richard is standing up with me, I have the guy who screwed me over for most of last year as my back up, what the fuck. “Let me ask you something Lanky, mind if I call you that? Did you ever make Niki orgasm Lanky,” I ask and watch his face go shocked,” I’m guessing you think you did but didn’t. I mean the cursing, asking for Jesus, hitting her fist against the wall and leaving a wet spot on the bed orgasm.” “Stuart please lower your voice,” Niki asks but I address her for a second. “I’m just going to guess that Lanky here hasn’t been able to pound you out like you needed the other night. I’m also now coming to the realization that you probably needed me to stop because you couldn’t accept the fact that a white boy, which you rarely date, was making you cum harder than the long term boyfriend you were on outs with,” I tell Niki who’s eyes go wide and I think I could fit my fist in her mouth it’s open that wide,” Let me ask you Lanky, did you get some good sex from another girl while you two were separated or did you just beat meat hoping she’d come back?” “Hey fuck you asshole,” Larry/Lanky says getting mad. “Niki already did for the most part but she lacks follow through,” I get the words out when it happens. I’m slapped in my face, and it’s not even as hard as when Richard punched me the jaw. There is very little pain and I turn to see that Niki is looking at a very enraged Larry who just threw his best shot. I turn my head back to face him and that’s when I see the fear, best shot hit and wasn’t enough to do anything but piss me off. I don’t hit Larry in the stomach with my fist; I rearrange his internal organs and nearly fold him in half. He hits the ground and Niki backs up shocked and probably afraid as Larry lies on the ground gasping for air. “Anyone else wanna fuck with my day get in line,” I state loud enough for people to hear. And not a minute later campus security is there to separate the two of us, I wasn’t going to hit him while he’s down but security has to do their job. We’re removed from the area and taken to the administration office while they start taking statements. It comes down to me being asked if I want to have the police called and charges filed since he struck me first. I don’t look at a pleading, I’d like to think she would plead, Niki when I say no and have my moment with the Administrator on duty. The older Asian man tells me that violence isn’t something that is tolerated on campus and I should be lucky there were witnesses to corroborate my side of the events. Funny thing for me is I never explained what happened; everyone else including Richard did it for me. When I’m finally release I walk out fast passing Niki who is sitting with her Lanky/Larry as he waits for his turn. I hit one of the open patches and head back to my room; I missed class thanks to this and will have to catch it up when I hear someone calling after me. “Hey Stuart, you okay,” Caitlin asks bouncing up towards me concerned. “No I dirtied my fist on a dumbass,” I tell her not breaking stride. “Is it true she blue balled you? The bitch Niki,” Caitlin asks and I stop to stare at her,” Oh shit she did.” “One fucking word and I swear I’ll find and beat the shit out of your next boyfriend,” I growl but she doesn’t seem fazed. “Nothing to worry about for me then, staying single as much as possible till after college. So are you feeling okay otherwise,” Caitlin asks as I resume heading to my room. “What the hell do you want Caitlin,” I ask stopping again and staring at her, my frustration being obvious. “You, in your room, naked, now,” is how Caitlin replies and now I’m pissed and confused. “Bullshit,” I reply hotly. “Bet you an orgasm you are wrong,” She says with a smile walking in the direction of my room. I’m following the ass clad in a short skirt cotton top and I’m not praying she is going to follow through, I think about the humiliation if she doesn’t. I get the door and Richard almost stands up as Caitlin and I enter but he decides he’s not going to talk and get into my room. I close the door and turn around to be assaulted by Caitlin and her mouth. Her kisses are hard and I feel teeth on my lips and respond in kind as she giggles. I lift Caitlin up by her ass and carry her to the bed before depositing her on her ample, not as big as Niki’s, ass and as I try to crawl over her Caitlin’s hands are taking care of my jeans for me. I’m half hard after watching her ass and thinking about finally getting me some so when she pulls me down I find that someone came prepared, as in she’s not wearing panties. I’m inside Caitlin with no resistance and when I try to slow down I’m surprised. “Fucking fuck me,” Caitlin growls grabbing my ass with her hands and pulling me in harder. There is nothing fancy about what we’re doing, it’s hard and rough and I think she bit my lip or I bit her as I’m tasting a little blood but my hips are bucking deep into Caitlin and she’s not complaining in the slightest. I start to swell up and feel her legs wrap around me which has me lose focus as I cum hard and deep inside her. I grunt and hold her in place as I finish before resting my head next to Caitlin’s. After a few moments I roll off of her and watch as she gets off my bed. I see her lock my door and start stripping down, her deep bronze skin and black hair make her c cup breast and ass seem like a dream and I feel my cock twitching. I watch as she grabs a dirty towel and cleans herself out before smiling at me. “Oh you might want to strip down there Stu, I’m not done with you yet,” Caitlin says with a smile. I strip out of my clothes without getting up from the bed and as I’m stripping Caitlin is helping me before pushing me back on my bed and I feel her mouth take me and as sensitive as I am it’s still better than I got from Niki. It takes a little bit but not terribly long till I’m hard and as I feel Caitlin’s hand stroking me she decides its question time. “Okay so I kinda forced the first position but how do you want to fuck me now,” she asks and I look down to see her smiling. “Right now I’m just thinking of one thing, hard,” I reply smiling and she laughs. “How were you fucking Niki,” Caitlin asks and I grimace,” No I mean the position, I think I can take it pretty good if you can still do it after one nut down.” I move her up to my face and put her on her knees while moving behind her. The second time is even easier than the first as I grip Caitlin’s hips and slam my cock in as deep as I can fit. She laughs like she is enjoying it as I waste no time and pound into her hard and deep, it’s going to take me a while before I cum again so I figure I’ll give her a good time. “Fuck me Stuart, fucking drop another load into my bitchy ass,” Caitlin cat calls me as I continue to pound away. I smack her ass cheek hard once and she groans while backing into me a little. I smack it again on the other side and get the same effect. I alternate spanking her ass while she grunts and moans as I fuck her and she backs into me. I don’t know how long we’ve been going at it but I feel her clamp up and I decide to speed up my thrusting as she lets out a low moan. I think I killed her for a second as she stops moving and just lies still with me inside her. “Pull my hair and fuck me like a bitch dammit,” Caitlin growls at me,” I had a little orgasm, give me a good one.” It’s a good thing she keeps her long black hair in a braid because I grab the end of it and pull back hard while slamming my hips forward. Caitlin’s is open mouthed moaning like a whore and I’m treating her like one as I slap her ass again. I feel good but I want to make Caitlin beg to come back here, or at least come back without making me feel grateful for her doing so. That’s when I look down and see her tight little asshole and I smile. I don’t presume to think she’s into anal, but I do wet my thumb in my mouth and press it against her little hole. The pressure alone shocks Caitlin but with me pulling her hair I can’t tell if she’s trying to pull away from it when, surprise surprise, my thumb breaks the barrier and I’m buried to the first knuckle in her ass. Everything stops for half a second before she groans and pushes back a little against me again. I restart my pounding feeling Caitlin clamp down on me like a vice and her ass pucker around my thumb. I get my whole thumb up her ass and now we’re bucking against each other and I hear Caitlin start spewing all the things that I should hear in porn. “Fuck me you nasty fucker! Make me take that thick fucking dick like a bitch! FUCK ME I’M CUMMING,” is Caitlin’s declaration to the whole building as she bucks against me hard. I push her head down to the mattress and letting go of her hair hold her ass with my free hand, the other keeping my thumb in her ass, and go for broke pounding Caitlin when for the second time today I tense up and groan as I fill her up with my cum. She bucks a little and I collapse on top of her back before pulling out of both holes not intending to. Both of us are panting hard and I roll off her for the second time breathing hard when I hear her chuckling to herself. “Oh fuck what now,” I ask and she turns to look at me. “I hear by dub thee The Hammer, cause that fucker pounds the fucking nail,” Caitlin says with a smile and no malice in her tone,” Now do you have any real food or are we eating out?” “Excuse me,” I ask her propping myself up on my elbow. “Hey I just had some raw sex with the new stud on campus, I would like something to eat please,” Caitlin says and I smile. I order us Chinese food and even get some extra for Richard, he’s bought me more than a few last year so I figure I’ll make good on this whole ‘real friendship’ he’s asking for. Caitlin and I dress and I discover that her panties were in her purse as she gives me a wink before we head back into mine and Richard’s living room. Richard is there and even though he has a smug look he doesn’t say shit. He doesn’t have to thanks to Caitlin. “Richard that was some epic fucking sex so if you want I can call a friend who just got out of a bad relationship and she can come fuck your brains out,” Caitlin says and all three of us laugh. Food arrives and we eat while going over our day’s and I’m the one with the most interesting day of all as Richard tells Caitlin what happened as he was front row. The two of them are pretty sure that the word will be around school by tomorrow morning that I’m not the man to fuck with on campus; honestly I don’t care about that. Its early evening when Caitlin finally leaves but I get asked to walk her out and figure it’s the nice guy thing to do. “So you’re still the nice guy but you so wield The Hammer,” Caitlin jokes as we clear the building. “I try to be nice, even when I’m being bad,” I reply smirking and she laughs. “I was shit to you last year, can I just say I’m sorry and have that be it,” She asks and I nod,” Good I need to level with you, I liked this but I will want more in the future if that’s okay?” “I don’t have a problem but you are the one who said you weren’t interested in relationships,” I tell her recounting her words. “I am not interested, but what I am interested in is possibly finding a good fuck buddy on campus who won’t whine or get all super emotional but can still be a decent date,” She asks plainly. “You mean a nice guy who can treat you well and bring The Hammer,” I ask and she jumps into my arms. “Especially bring The Hammer,” Caitlin says before giving me a light kiss and dropping out of my arms,” Call me okay.” She starts to walk away and I feel pretty good when I realize I don’t have her number, I almost turn to get it from her when my phone goes off. I check the screen and see a picture of Caitlin in what could be considered a shameless nude, yet covered, selfie in my bathroom. It’s a text that says ‘I got your number when you got mine’. Yeah, this is a much better school year.


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