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our love as been tested免费脱胱了曰批视频在线观看

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our love as been tested免费脱胱了曰批视频在线观看

Gray’s POV: June 2016 It’s been a constant struggle as of late. Six months ago the doctors told Tessa and I that my health was not going so well. Seems I have a spinal disease that I can’t even pronounce. My daughters try and help me when they are home. Savannah does her best, but she even has her hands full as of late. Each one has suggested that I call Nick and have him come home and help also. I exclaimed to them I wasn’t going to do that. That he needed to be his own person. Savannah proclaimed the other day it’s been two years since he has been out on the road. And I came back telling her I wasn’t going to make my son come home over me. He has his own life to live like her and my daughters. She finally gave up and went to visit her parents. It was a sunny, warm Friday afternoon. Tessa and I were enjoying the day together. Shelby and Lisa were at work as Savannah was visiting her parents since she and Tessa had the day off. We are enjoying a nice conversation when there came a knock at the door. Tessa got up off my lap and went to answer it. My chair was where it faced the front door the way I always had it. She opened the door and on the other side stood two people I didn’t care to see. It was Karl and Gail, Tessa welcomed them in. Both took a few steps inside and Tessa shut the door. She lead them into the living and offered them a seat on the couch. Tessa came back and sat on the right armrest facing them. Karl and Gail seemed to be in what looked like a happy mood. After the greetings were made Karl started a conversation that wasn’t really to my liking.“ Gray, Tessa have you heard from Nick lately?” He asked with a curious grin“ Yes he calls every so often to check on us and see how things are going. Why do you ask? Tessa stated then asked being concerned“ Reason I ask is that this whole thing between him and our families as gone on to long. You both know by law he is our son.” Karl tells us stating his answer“ Only on paper Karl not by birth. And besides he is old enough to decide for himself” I told him with a informative toneKarl and Gail gaveus very bewildered glances that in turn was received with cold eyes.“ Gray we both know that Nick is more our son then you and my sister’s. We raised him as he was our own son. And if you want to get technical I have the same blood that runs through Tessa viens. Now you really want to go there.” Gail stated in their defense“ Actually yeah I do, when since did you both really care about him uh. The times he needed a ride some where. Or the times he just needed someone to talk to. Where were you both when he needed a ride for his first date.” I told them laying it all out“ We were around it’s just all those things you listed off were none of our concern actually. And besides our daughters needed both our attention’s.” Gail says with a calm state“ So your saying everything Nick needed or wanted was below you both. Wow that really sounds like two caring parents.” Tessa tells them getting a bit upset“ All we are saying is that we were making sure he was educated to someday to take over for me and my company.” Karl says with a grin“ Karl there is more to life then your stupid company and business.” I say getting upset myself“ That maybe your opinion Gray, but not mine.” Karl tells me still with a grin We all sat there in silence Tessa, I noticed was giving both Karl and Gail the evil eye. I noticed Gail returning the same look at her sister. Karl noticed and the broke the silence.“ What are you both going to do when Nick returns?” He asked me with a curious grin“ What do you think Karl, Tessa and I are going to take him in our arms and welcome him home.” I tell him answering his stupid question“ Actually I think not Gray. If you remember correctly I still have some leverage on you and if you don’t send Nick away and to us.” He pauses looking at Tessa and I then add’s” I will use my knowledge and ruin all your lives. Then you won’t have to worry about Nick. For you will be in jail while Tessa spends years trying to get you out. Or she and your daughters will be at the local corner working for a few friends of mine.” Tessa lets out a gasp as I keep sitting there thinking of all he said. “ Now this is what you and your beautiful wife will do. When Nick returns you will tell him to leave and not come back. You will not try to come around him again. And any children he has will not be your grandchildren they will be ours. And any of his girlfriends he has won’t be, after Sasha and Lucy scare them off.” He states to Tessa and I then continues” Now since that is settled where is my cut to not say a word.” I stare at him and Gail and they both have smiles on their faces. I look up at Tessa and see fear and see she is scared also. She squeezes my hand like asking me to do something. I think for a moment as to what I can say. Tessa and I have spoke several times as to tell Nick of what the reason was for letting Gail and Karl adopt him. I give Tessa’s hand a squeeze and look straight at Karl.“ Karl you think after all this time I am going to let you keep running how things go in my family?” I exclaim to him asking“ Why yes if you know what is good for you and your family you will.” He proclaims to me with another stupid grin“ That the thing Karl I know what is good for my family, and Nick is the good part along with a joy that isn’t here at the moment. Karl you have no control over my family. You have no control over OUR son. As a matter of fact Tessa and I have been discussing telling everything to Nick.” I told him with pride“ WHAT?” they both said loudly“ You heard me, Karl I have never liked you and never will. Nick coming to us that first time with those damn adoption papers made us realize we were stupid. You think you can just get everything you want. Well not anymore we are going to have a long talk with Nick OUR son when he shows back up one day.” I state to him proclaiming everything“ Gray you just made a big mistake. And you will...” He didn’t finish as I cut him off“ Karl I made the mistake 21 years ago by agreeing to the damn adopting bullshit. Turning MY son over to you was stupid. And afterward if he doesn’t accept our reason or apology well he has the right to decide where he goes, but I seriously doubt he goes to you.” I said with coldness on my last comment“ Tessa you need to start changing Gray’s mind or things around here are going to get bad or worse. My husband can make your lives a living hell starting with Shelby and Lisa.” Gail says to Tessa in a threatening tone Tessa stood up and went just a few steps in front of her youngest sister. Tessa stood there with her hands on her hips and spoke.“ Gail you can kiss my ass. You have been a total bitch to me all these years thinking your shit smells like roses. Well I hate to tell you it doesn’t. And don’t even threaten me for I can still kick your ass. And as far as it is I wouldn’t even hurt my foot. “ Tessa paused then added” I would just have to move your nose to the side and hit you where your face was. As I am looking at your ass on your shoulders.” Gail’s eyes went wide as I let out a little chuckle. Karl stood and was taking a few steps to Tessa when the phone ranged. I stood up fast and got between Tessa and Karl. I told Tessa to answer it in which she did. She was mad at this whole situation, but stayed calm answering the phone. Karl and I just stayed stood waiting for my wife to get off the phone. Gail just stayed seated I guess absorbing all that Tessa said. Her face was red with anger, but she didn’t say a damn word. I overheard Tessa tell the person ‘ No’ then a bit later start telling them about my illness I started to have. She was trying to tell them not to come, but in the end she said see you soon then with a bye then hung up. She came over back by where I was and stood taking my right arm. I asked her who was on the phone. Tessa stood there for a moment then replied saying it was Nick and he was leaving this evening to come home. Karl and Gail heard and began to smile. I noticed and asked what they were smiling about.“ Oh that Nick is coming home and will soon be back with us.” Gail said grinning at her statement“ You really think that uh, if my memory is as good as it is. I remember when he came back the first time. Oh yeah he came to us so I wouldn’t stand there with so much hope Gail.” I told her and Karl with a bit of anger“ None the less he is still coming home which makes this all the more interesting. As for afterward all I can say is it will be nice to have a edge in the long run.” Karl said with a evil grin“ And what do you mean by that?” Tessa stated to Karl’s words“ Well I mean is, after Gray is gone and Nick accepts my offer again. You and your daughters will probably have it rough, and who will be around to protect you three. Oh I almost forgot after Sasha and Lucy take care of Savannah, Nick won’t even want her back. She will just be all used up.” Karl explains stating his words trying to get fear out of us“ Karl I really hate to burst your bubble, but have you forgotten about my Club. There are 75 members both men and women that will be at your door step if anything happens to me. Plus the few chapter clubs that will show up.” I tell him with a grin of my own“ How could they if you aren’t around to hold their hands?” Karl says with a bit of sarcasm“ It’s called a V.P. asshole. And the women would love to get a hold of Gail and your precious daughters. They won’t be the same after, as for you well I better not say some can be real imaginative.” Tessa tells him with a devilish smile“ They wouldn’t dare mess with me or my family.” Karl tells Tessa and I getting a smile from me“ Then try whatever and find out. As I see it you are at a lose since this all will be up to Tessa and MY son you sick fuck. Now get your bitch wife and your ass out of my house. We have to clean your stench out of the couch.” I tell him in which I get a wide eyed expression from both“ Yeah get your pathetic ass’s out of my house. For I have some cleaning to do before MY son get’s home.” Tessa exclaims to her Sister and Bother-n-lawThey both start to the door as Tessa and I follow them. Karl opens the door letting Gail step out first followed by him. He turns for a moment stating this isn’t over yet. I tell him keep thinking that as I slam the door in his ass which is his face. Tessa and I go to the bay window and watch as they drive away. Tessa suggest we relax and think of how to tell Nick about everything. I agree with her and take her hand and walk back over to my chair. Tessa gets in my lap after I sit down. We discuss some things about what we can say. It’s been a straining afternoon as I look up at the clock on the wall to notice the time being 5 p.m. Tessa say’s she should get supper started since our daughters will be home soon and probably Savannah. I tell her ok pulling her to me and giving her a deep, passionate, loving kiss. She returns it placing her arms around my neck. Our kiss lingers with my hands going to her sexy butt. After a few more minutes she breaks the kiss looking in my eyes.“ I love you Gray my love and never want to lose you.” She tells me being emotional from the day“ I love you to darlin and your not going to lose me.” I tell her smiling Tessa smiles at me getting up and going to the kitchen. I stay there and start to think of all that Karl exclaimed to Tessa and I. Stating about my family being their ' House guest’ and how Sasha and Lucy would hurt Savannah, but I guess he never caught wind of a surprise that was hidden from everyone. My thoughts came to Nick and hoping he would not leave again after what Tessa and I had to tell him. But first the welcoming had to be a nice one and a happy one in which it would be with the surprise we had for him. I looked at the picture we had enlarged of all those years ago over the entertainment center and could only think of Nick at that moment.“ Nick my son please be safe and know I love you son.” I said in a low voice and with a smile It’s a mid summer Sunday afternoon when Megan and I ride into Birmingham. She follows me staying close so she doesn’t get lost. I take her down the one street I dread to ride down. We ride slowly in front of the house and I see something that really makes me floored. There in the yard is Savannah with a little girl who looks like she is almost two years old. I also notice my own dad standing up against his truck watching as Megan and I ride slowly by. He gives me a small grin which I ignore at the moment. Savannah spots us and picks the little girl up and hands her to dad. He takes her as I watch Savannah start to walk towards us. Megan asks me what we going to do. I think for a moment and give her my answer as I start applying the gas and keep going down the street. Megan follows as I look back and see Savannah starting to run after us. I get to the stop sign and see no one coming and start turning riding away. Megan gets behind me telling me Savannah yelled my name as she got close enough to the stop sign. I tell Megan to just keep following me as I lead us to my parents to find out what the hell is going on. And who the hell did Savannah sleep with to have the little girl. It’s about 8 minutes later when Megan and I pull up in front of my parents. Megan puts her kickstand down as I get off my trike. She comes up to me and takes my hand. I have changed a bit. My hair is longer and braided, I have a goatee, I still wear muscle shirts, leather jacket and jeans. Megan still wears her jeans, tube tops, and leather jacket as well, but the past 2 hours she is just in a tube top and jeans. I lead her to the front door and knock as we reach it. A few seconds later it opens and there stands my mother. She really hasn’t changed in the last two years. She comes up to me and gives me a big hug that lasts for a few minutes with my arms around her. Megan stays behind me waiting for a moment to say hello. I break the hug and ask if we can come in. Mom says of course as she backs up and I retake Megan’s hand and lead her inside. I notice mom give Megan a small smile as we walk by. Mom has us take a seat in the living room on the couch. She asks if we want anything to drink. Megan and I tell her we are fine as she nods and takes a seat in dad’s chair. Megan looks at mom and starts to speak.“ Hello, My name is Megan Douglas and it’s nice to finally meet you. Nick has told me a lot about you all.” Megan greets mom with a smile“ Nice to meet you Megan you may call me Tessa if you like.” Mom says returning the greeting“ Thank you Tessa you have a nice home.” Megan tells my mother being nice“ Thank you Megan that is nice of you to say. I have to admit Nick never said anything about you.” Mom states to Megan with a confused look as to why“ I know Tessa he....I mean we wanted to be discreet at first, but since we have been on the rode for over a year now things just took off.” Megan explains to my mother“ Oh you both been together for awhile then?” Mom asks with a bit of concern“ Yes we have I met Megan a few days after a bar fight broke out. We helped each other out before the cops showed.” I exclaim to my mom with a grin“ Ohmy really, that must of been a experience for you both.” My mom says with a kind of worry“ Yes it was, I had to yell for him to duck before some idiot tried to hit Nick. When he did I hit the guy with a beer bottle in the face.” Megan said to mom explaining how we met“ Oh wow that is a exciting way to meet.” Mom says with a small grin“ Yep it is, but it was a few days later that we finally spoke and started to get to know one another. It was a nice wonderful day too. Nick was a complete gentleman something a woman can hardly find nowadays.” Megan explains with a grin ear to ear“ He has always been a good young man to those that respect him.” Mom tells Megan with a caring smile“ Yes he is, Nick has helped me so much the past year bringing me back to caring and loving again.” Megan told mom turning looking up at meIt was a little bit later I say 10 minutes to be exact that the front door opened. In came Dad and Savannah. Dad was carrying what looked like a diaper bag as Savannah had the little girl in her right arm carrying her. Dad placed the diaper bag in the chair across from mom and went to sit as mom got up for him to. She sat back down but in his lap. Savannah walked to the chair the diaper bag was in. She picked it up in her left hand and placed it next to the chair. She sat down placing the little girl in her lap. It was a awkward moment until dad asked who my friend was. Mom spoke introducing him and Savannah to Megan. They all say their hello’s and nice to meet you’s. Dad then started telling me I really didn’t have to come home that he was feeling just fine. I responded that he was my father and I wasn’t going to stay relaxed worrying about him every single moment if he was going to live. We stare into each others eyes when he states to me I am so much like him it’s unreal. That gets a laugh for a few seconds then it gets silent. I can feel a uneasy feeling as I stand up and tell dad and mom that Megan and I can ride around for a bit until Savannah went home. I guess what I said was caught by dad for he announced to me that Savannah lives there now and has been for awhile. That makes me give them wide eyes as I notice Savannah show a small smile. I notice Megan eyeing Savannah like sizing her up. I come to my senses and start speaking my mind.“ Your telling me you let her move in after I left?” I asked them both with a hit of disappointment“ Not exactly after it was a week later Nick.” My mom explains to me stating“ Still a day or a week still wasn’t long tell after I left. Dang seems I get the boot every time I turn around here.” I tell them with coldness“ Nick that isn’t true, I asked them if I could move in thinking you would be back one day." Savannah stands up holding her kid“ Oh really, why would you want to live here when you had Mr. Money?” I asked being a smartass“ Nick that was un called for. As for Gavin I haven’t been with him since I have been living here. I know you were hurt then, but what made you leave.” She tells me with a bit of a temper“ Oh I don’t know maybe because I saw you laughing it up with Gavin the day I left. All dressed up in clothes you would never wear before.” I say with a cold voice“ Nick that wasn’t what you think.” Savannah tells me with a bit of anger“ Oh really, then what was it then Savannah you tell me. When I see the woman I thought loved me with that stuck up prissy fucker. When I see her and my so called best friends acting like nothing happened.” I tell her with venom “ Nick You need to calm down and let me tell you.” Savannah tells me in a stern voice“ Why so you can tell me I am too good for you like your damn dad did.” I tell her with anger At that time I feel a hand go across my face. I see Savannah’s eyes go wide as she notices what she had done. I notice mom had gotten up and took the baby from Savannah. She goes back over to dad and he takes the little girl from mom. I look back at Savannah as I rub my face where she slapped me. She stands there quiet not saying a word. Megan is standing by me with a expression she is about to take Savannah out. I think for a second and wonder if Megan and I should just leave. Savannah looks at me with sadness in her eyes and speaks.“ I am sorry I slapped you, but what you said about my dad was wrong. I know how things happened back then was wrong. Nick you were never to good for me. You were more then that to me.” She told me explaining then added “ That day was just a date, both my parents kept nagging at me to accept a date from Gavin. I told them I would if Dwight and Yvonne could go also.”“ Yeah right, I was so great that no one stood up for me that day. So I took the hint and walked out the door after your dad kicked me out. You don’t know how hard it was to walk away that day. It hurt like hell.” I told her truthfully then continued “ So you all dressed up for a double date, and all smiles with laughing. Yeah like that was just a act. I saw all three of you having such a great time.”“ I can imagine it was hard, but that was then my parents have changed. They have been asking about you. As have Dwight and the others. Nick I understand your hurt and mad, but please calm down so we can talk.” Savannah tells me exclaiming about her familyMom steps up and says she wants to talk to Megan. Megan gets a confused look as I do too. Mom takes the woman that has been helping me through my hurt and pain away to talk to. I turn back to Savannah and see she has a small smile.“ Nick I have never gotten over you these past two years. You have always been in my heart. I have never stopped loving you and that is the truth.” She states to me with a sincere expression“ Savannah that’s the thing I never stopped loving you, but I finally had someone help me get through the hurt and the pain. Megan was there after 8 months I was on the road.” I tell her explaining I hear talking behind me and the voices are a mixture of dad, mom, and Megan.Savannah looks in my eyes and I guess she sees something she doesn’t like.“ So there is no chance of us being back together is that what your telling me Nick.” She asks me with hurt in her eyes“ Savannah again I still love you in my heart, but I also love Megan because she was there for me and with me. And today we come here and I see you with another man’s baby probably that Gavin guys.” I say to her with a bit of hurt At that moment I hear my dad speak up talking to the little girl.“ See Sierra this is what happens when two people that love each other don’t communicate.” My dad says to the little girl“ Exactly honey your right, So Megan where are you from hun.” I hear my mom say talking to Megan“ Uh originally from Arizona.” Megan answers telling my mother“ Nick she is not Gavin’s she is.....” Savannah doesn’t finish as she is cut off We hear my dad telling Sierra to get back over to him. I turn my head to see this little girl walking over to me. She has a cute little face looking at Savannah and I. She gets over to me and stands next to my right leg. Sierra the little girl places her hand on my right leg to stay standing. Looking down I see her reach with both arms up for me. I look into her eyes and see something familiar. I look at Savannah and she has a sincere look and nods. I don’t know what comes over me as I kneel down and pick Sierra up in my right arm. She puts a arm on my right shoulder and with her little hand she pulls the pacifier out of her mouth and looks at me. The next thing that is said in the room shocks me.“ Da Da.” Sierra said looking in my eyesI shake the shock off and look in her eyes.“ What....what did you call me?” I asked the little girl“ Da da.” She said againI look at everyone there and see Dad and mom smiling big. Megan has a shocked look as for Savannah she nods at me then smiles. I stand there not knowing what to say. It’s dad that stands up and walks over to me. I feel him place his hand on my left shoulder. Sierra looks at him and smiles as she reaches for him. Dad takes her from me, but stays standing there. Megan sees my shock and stands up walking over to me. She places a arm around my left and asks if I am alright. I tell her I really don’t know. I tell her I need to sit down for a minute. She helps me over to the couch where Mom is sitting at the end of the couch. Dad hands Sierra to Savannah and goes back to his chair. Savannah sits back down in the other chair holding Sierra. I just look over at them finally noticing something I didn’t earlier. Sierra had the same ears as I did. I looked at my parents and just spoke. “ Why, why wasn’t I told. And is she really my daughter?” I said which got a gasp from Megan“ What?” Megan asked in a very confused voice“ Yeah seems Sierra is mine, it’s just I was never told and they know I hate secrets. That was the reason I left the first time 3 years ago.” I explain to Megan who looks at everyone with disappointment“ Son the reason we didn’t tell you is you already had enough on your shoulders. Your mother and I finally found out why you left. We didn’t want you to have more while on the road. And yes Sierra is your daughter.” My dad states truthfully with a small grin“ Nick I so wanted to tell you, but our parents thought it be best to make it a surprise.” Savannah tells me holding our daughterI just sit there taking in all that they are telling me. I feel Megan holding my left arm still and turn to look into her eyes. For the first time I see fear like she is scared. I place my hand on hers and give her a assuring smile. I looked over at Savannah and saw that Sierra looking at me intently. “ So what’s her whole name?” I asked Savannah curiously“ Sierra Nicole Andrews. I had her the following March 2015.” She responded telling me with a smile“ Oh.” I said with just one word“ I didn’t know what to name her. I figured my first initial and your first initial.” She told me with a shy smile“ Sounds nice I can understand really.” I replied telling her “ Nick I am truly sorry for what happened two years ago. If I had known.” She says until I cut her off“ Savannah it’s ok really, things happen I understand no worries.” I exclaim to her with a grinMom and Dad sat listening to us intently. I started to stand when Dad told me there was something else that they wanted to tell me. I sat back down to listen to my parents.“ Nick son, since this is a time to lay everything out in the open.” He says then looks at mom then back at me “ Son we want to finally tell you our reason for all those years ago.”“ Ok um....what brought this on?” I asked them with concern“ When you left sweetie, your dad and I have thought if we are going to me a family then it’s time to speak up and start a clean slate as to speak.” Mom tells me intently letting out a sigh“ Ok no secrets because I want my parents to be truthful to me always have.” I state to them both sincerely“ Nick our reason was back then the club got caught in a bad situation. We got stuck with some illegal contraband that was planted in some crates. My V.P. at that time was found taking deals for a rival club, but he also was hired by someone we both know.” He explained to me then my mind shot to who he meant“ Karl?” I asked him with wide eyes“ Yes, seems Karl wanted something on your mother and I so he could threaten us to give you up.” He tells me with a sad expressionI noticed my mother’s eyes getting tears. She cuddled up to dad starting to cry. I felt bad for them both all these years dealing with the hurt that Karl started. My temper started to pulse as I saw both my parents eyes and saw pain. Both Savannah and Megan also had tears. I looked back at my dad and saw him looking in my eyes.“ Nick we never wanted to accept his threat, but when he had the proof well you know the rest.” Dad told me sadlyI sat there absorbing all that he told me. I started thinking this day was getting more surprising by the minute. Mom looked up at me and in tears spoke.“ Nick baby all this time I have been so scared of what he would do. He even came by the other day starting bullshit. He knows you were coming back. Nick please don’t go to him I have lost you once, please not again I won’t be able to take it.” My beautiful mother was telling me pleading with tears I stood up quickly and went over to her and my dad. I had them both stand and wrapped my arms around them. All these years my Uncle was the reason for all this. I already didn’t like the guy,国产草莓视频无码a在线观看 but now I hated the bastard. My parents hugged me back tightly. We held onto each other for a few minutes then broke the hug. I told them to relax as I went back over and sat by Megan. I think Savannah was feeling uneasy as she spoke up.“ What happens now?” Savannah asked with deep concern“ What do you mean Savannah hun?” Mom came out to ask Savannah“ I mean what happens with Sierra and I now since Nick and his girlfriend are here?” She asked with a hint of fearDad and Mom looked from her to me with concerned eyes. I noticed Savannah looking down at Sierra who was playing with her mothers necklace. I sat there feeling strange at the sight in front of me. Megan pulled me down and whispered in my ear about talking a walk so her and I could talk. I whispered back okay and stood with her as she took my hand.“ Megan and I are going to take a walk. I have a lot to think about and we need to talk about it all.” I explained to my parents and Savannah“ Okay son take as long as you both need just be back for supper I am sure you both are hungry.” Mom exclaimed to Megan and I“ Ok mom we will, just taking a walk that’s all.” I told her as I led Megan to the door On the way out I heard Sierra say something but didn’t catch it. Megan and I started walking down the sidewalk. She came out asking if I was going to dump her and go back to Savannah since she had my baby. I told her no that I loved her and for her to remember about her accepting us. Megan responded saying she remembered and thought Savannah might not do that. I stopped and looked Megan in the eyes. I told her I was not going to dump her after all we have been through on the road. I explained I was in this for the long haul and didn’t need her falling apart on me now. I pulled her to me and held her close to my body. She placed her arms around me with her head on my chest. She had a few sniffles before we broke our embrace. I re took her hand and started walking again. I told her that whatever happened she would be right by me always. We walked for a little bit more then she asked me about the baby. I told her I would like to be in her life. She was so cute how she reached up to me. Megan agreed with me saying she was adorable. I took my phone out to see I had a text from mom saying supper would be done soon. I told Megan and she said lets go back that she was hungry. We arrived back a while later Dad was in his chair, Savannah was still in the chair she was in playing with Sierra. Mom was in the kitchen finishing supper. I asked about Shelby and Lucy. Dad said they were hanging with Caleb and Simon. I responded with a okay as Megan and I sat back down on the couch. I sat there thinking of how a new start would be nice. I noticed Megan looking over at Savannah and Sierra. I also looked at them both and felt a warmth that I haven’t felt in awhile.Supper was done and over with. Savannah took Sierra up to give her a bath. Megan and I sat on the couch talking to Mom and Dad. They asked me what I was going to do. I told them I wanted to be in Sierra’s life, but the way I wanted that was not conventional. My dad stared in my eyes then said something that totally blew me away.“ Nick, Savannah was telling you the truth she has never stopped or gave up on you. Everyday she has slept in your room and kept looking out the window every chance she got. That woman loves you deeply as I see Megan loves you the same.” He told me with a warm, caring smile“ Son there is a old saying that your grandmother always told us kids. “ Love can’t help who it chooses to be with in ones heart” Nick what your grandmother is that sometimes we can’t help being in love with more then one person. It’s just you have two at the same time. My loving and caring son you don’t have to chose just accept them. Nick you have two beautiful woman who will love you no matter what. I see the same love Savannah has in Megan’s eyes.” Mom explained to me Megan and I sat there listening to my parents. She agreed with my mom about her, but she couldn’t speak for Savannah. I asked mom where Megan and I were going to sleep. She responded by saying the guest room for the night as she thought we needed time to think. I nodded to them with my agreement. She also told me I needed to make things right. After a little while Savannah came back saying Sierra was asleep. Mom responded saying okay as she stood up and took dad’s hand. He looked up at her with a smile and stood up. I noticed the clock on the wall showing 8 p.m. I gave them both a look in which they just smiled saying they needed their sleep. I knew better , but kept my mouth shut. Both said their goodnights as we three responded saying goodnight back. Megan, Savannah, and I just sat where we were and talked. Savannah started to ask Megan questions about how we met and what we have been doing on the road. Megan replied to all Savannah asked until Savannah asked a very personal question about how strong her love was for me. Megan stood up and went over in front of Savannah before I could stop her.“ Savannah you just need to quit trying to get rid of me. I am not going anywhere I love Nick very much. At least I stand by him and didn’t let my parents come between us. I am sorry, but if it was me I would of said fuck my parents and went after him.” Megan said telling Savannah off Savannah had wide eyes which came back to normal and she stood up and looked Megan in the eyes. She had a small grin and spoke.“ Damn Nick sure has good taste in women.” Savannah said as she looked from Megan over to me and smiled She said goodnight to us as she walked past Megan and up the stairs. Megan just turned to me and asked what that was about? I told her I had no idea as I was confused also. She came and sat on my lap and snuggled up to me. I placed my arms around her and held her tight. It wasn’t long after Savannah went to bed that Megan and I went. I carried her to the guest room and softly placed her in the bed. I went and shut the door and took off my jeans and shirt. Megan had enough energy to take off her jeans leaving her tube top and panties on. We laid in bed covered and cuddled up to each other. She mumbled to me she loved me as I said the same to her. It felt weird sleeping in here, but Savannah had took my bedroom just to be close to me. I guess knowing that made me realize she was still in love with me. I was still in debate not knowing what to do. I laid there holding Megan as my eyes closed and my thoughts was a mixture of Savannah and Megan. I loved them both, but I didn’t know exactly how to make things right. Right as I was drifting off to sleep I heard a snob on the other side of the door. And then a familiar voice.“ I love you Nick baby, please accept me back and be in my arms also.” the voice said as I fell asleepThe following weeks were somewhat entertaining. Megan and I helped with Sierra feeding, changing diapers ( Which at times wasn’t that great haha ), and laying her down in her crib. There would be times Savannah and Megan would have words in which mom would step in and tell them to get along. I did notice both would give each glances looking at each. I began to think they were flirting without noticing. Shelby and Lisa even would pull me to the side and asked if I noticed Megan and Savannah were flirting with each other. I told them yes, but didn’t know how to approach the situation. Lisa being 26 now suggested for me to just take them both to bed and make them mine. I told her Megan already was. Shelby chimed in and said no that I needed to make it a point that both were. They both said that the tension was getting thick in the air. I just listened to them give their opinions. I did have to admit Megan was getting a little more how can I say it aggressive in bed. She would go wild talking dirty and even saying Savannahs name at times as her and I orgasmed. And there were times at night that I would hear moaning coming from my old bedroom. I knew it was only Savannah in the room. I listened close one night at the door after Megan fell asleep after our love making and I needed a drink of water. Savannah was moaning my name and Megan’s. She would moan for me to fuck her faster and harder. Then she would say the same for Megan. I was shocked at first, but then smiled as I knew she wanted us both. And to be truthful I wanted her back in my arms. But what I didn’t know was love would step in and soon.It was just the day before the 4th of July. Dad, Mom, Shelby, and Lisa all were going to take Sierra out to get some things for tomorrow. Dad said it would probably take a few hours or so. I noticed Mom give me a grin as she took Sierra from my arms. Sierra wouldn’t let go until Shelby said ice cream and that was when my daughter decided to reach for her Aunt Shelby. Shelby took Sierra and started out the door being followed by Mom and Dad. Lisa was the last to walk out, but not before telling me to have fun. I looked around and didn’t notice Savannah or Megan in the living room. I shrugged my shoulders as I went and sat on the couch to watch a little t.v. I sat there for about 30 minutes waiting for Savannah and Megan to come walking into the living room. I decided to go find them by looking up stairs. Once up stairs I checked the guest room with no luck. I heard a moan come from my old room. I stepped over to the door to find it open a bit. I quietly opened it a little more to get a sight that would shock me in a good way. There on the bed was both women that were in my life. Their legs were intertwined, their womanhoods touching and grinding. Both had their eyes closed holding a leg to each others chest. They were so into their erotic moment. I stepped in the room and slowly shut the door. I took a few steps over to the foot of the bed. Savannah was the closet to me her breast were bouncing as she kept grinding against Megan’s pussy with her’s. I only had my shorts on in which I took off before getting on the bed. I was on my knees looking at the passion going on in front of me. I took my shaft in my right hand and started stroking to the sight. It was at that moment that Savannah opened her eyes and looked up at me. She was startled at first then showed a sexy smile. Savannah let go of Megan’s right leg and reached for my cock. She wrapped her right hand around me and started to slowly stroke what she has missed the past two years. Her hand felt so nice as she pulled me towards her mouth. She stopped grinding against Megan in which got my biker woman to open her eyes and notice what was going on. She had a big smile on her face as she got loose from Savannah and crawled over on her hands and knees and started to help Savannah by licking the left side on my shaft. Savannah and Megan both tag teamed on me. I gave them a moan has this experience was so overwhelming. Savannah took the first half of my shaft into her mouth. She was making up for lost time. Megan on the other hand got on her back placing her head between my legs and started licking my balls. She had her hands on my ass to help support me. Savannah was working on my cock getting me nice and hard to her liking. I was in so much pleasure that I let out a moan. My feelings at this moment were sky rocketing. I loved them both so much that at this moment I needed and wanted them both. Megan sucked on my balls intensifying my orgasm that was going to come. Savannah was bobbing her head taking more of me into her mouth. Megan was massaging my ass cheeks. She found out not long ago it would help relax me. “ Oh fuck.....” I moaned loudly to them both I felt Savannah stop and take me out of her mouth. She looked up at me with a wicked smile“ Oh no you don’t baby not yet. You have to keep this beautiful cock hard for us. I have missed you so much that this is not going to be a quickie.” Savannah says with a wicked evil smileAt that moment Megan moved from behind me to by Savannah. She also had a smile looking at me. “ Baby we both want that delicious beautiful dick inside us. And we are going to have you together.” Megan tells me getting over to the edge of the bedMegan made sure her womanhood was in place on the edge of the bed. Savannah moved and crawled to Megan. She straddled Megan’s hips spreading her legs and placing her pussy close to Megan’s. Megan placed her arms around Savannah and looked over Savannah’s left shoulder at me.“ What you waiting for baby, Vannah and I are soooo ready for you.” Megan said before placing her head back on the pillow I moved off the bed and up between both of their legs. Savannah had her ass in front of me. She looked over her shoulder up at me with a smile.“ Baby please I have been waiting for so long.” She said to me wiggling her sexy ass I placed my left hand on her sexy ass and lined the head of my shaft against her entrance. With one swift thrust I was inside her. She let out a loud moan as I let out a groan. I started thrusting, pounding her for lost time. I looked as Megan and her were kissing. Savannah was moaning into Megans mouth. Savannah’slove canal was tight even giving birth over a year ago. She felt so nice like before we were split apart. She would meet my thrust moving her sweet, wet pussy back and forth against me. Savannah would moan loudly telling me I was hitting the right spot. I felt her hand massaging my balls. Savannah looked over her shoulder with a look of passion and desire on her face." Oh god.....baby.....switch.....Megan's turn....fuckkkk." Savannah moaned saying to me to give Megan her turn I nodded my head and quickly slid out of Savannah and moved down to Megan's waiting pussy. I slid inside Megan and she let out a loud moan. She pulled Savannah down to her holding her tight kissing and moaning. She was doing like Savannah did meeting my thrust. I gave her long, slow thrust with her pussy walls clamping down on my shaft." Faster.....fuck me....faster.....harder....babyyyy." Megan moaned loudly telling me what she wantedSo I obliged my sexy biker tigress. I started pounding her tight wet pussy fast and hard like she wanted. But I also started rubbing Savannah's clit with my thumb on my right hand. I had both of them moaning. Megan was grinding against and on my cock. While Savannah was grinding on my thumb and hand. Both of them were going wild like they needed me so much. I felt my cock throb deep inside Megan. My orgasm was coming because of all the pleasure I was getting and giving. " Oh shit....who gets....my...." I tried telling them as I moaned" Oh fuck...Megan...give that love seed....to her....give us.....another baby.." Savannah moaned telling me grinding back on my handI reached for Megan's hips and pulled her tight against my cock. I felt her cervix with the head of my cock. I erupted deep inside her. Feeling her also cuming on my dick." Oh fuck...babyyyyyyyyy." She moaned loudly sayingSavannah quickly got off Megan and came behind me. She pushed on my ass so I could stay like that. " Cum in her baby, knock her up. Give her your love seed." Savannah was telling me instructing me I stayed like that until all my cum was milked. I collapsed on Megan as she placed her arms around me. I was trying to catch my breath when I felt Savannah moving up by Megan and I. Both of them were kissing my lips and cheeks. Both showing me they appreciated what I did to them both." That was so wonderful baby, thank you my love." Savannah exclaimed to me smiling" Yes baby, that was so amazing I just hope you did get me preggers." Megan said with a big smile I laid there on Megan thinking of all that just happened. We all slowly moved to the middle of the bed with me between them. Savannah on my left and Megan on my right. Both snuggled up to me. Hands my chest and legs half on me. Both purring has they took a breath. We laid there for a few minutes coming down from our orgasmic highs. Savannah moved onto her stomach, propped up on her elbows and looked into my eyes." Nick I love you with all my heart, and I hope you well take me back. I have always kept you in my heart." She exclaimed to me with a small smileI looked back into her eyes and smiled." Savannah, I have never stopped loving you. You have always been in my heart. You have never left it." I told her and turned to look into Megan's eyes as she was on her elbows then added" Megan, you are in my heart and always will be."" So what are you saying Nick baby?" Megan getting on her stomach did the same as Savannah asking me" I am saying is I want you both in my life. Mom was right my heart can't help to love you both. So with that being said. Savannah, Megan what we have maybeunconventional, but who cares. I love you both and need both of you." I told them with a smileBoth Savannah and Megan looked at me then at each other. Both of them were deep in thought as thinking of my words. Savannah moved across my body to meet Megan's lips with hers. Megan was not shocked or stunned as she returned the kiss. I watched as both that had my heart kiss so intimately. It was just a few minutes that Megan broke the kiss and turned her head to look at me. " So I take it we are a threesome couple then?" She asked me with a smile I looked up at Savannah to see a hopeful grin on her face." Yes, but how do you both feel about all this?" I asked them with a curious expressionAt that moment Savannah and Megan leaned down and kissed my lips with such passion I placed my arms around them both.We kept our three way make out for a few more minutes. Savannah broke the kiss in which made Megan and I break the kiss.“ I see it as like this, our love as been tested, and I need you more then ever. And you know I can share. And besides like I said before you really have good taste in women. Megan is a wildfire.” Savannah says with a big sexy smile“ I agree with Vannah, except the love tested thing, Nick I love you and will share you as well, and besides you are what brought us together. These past weeks we have been at each others throats, but at the same time flirting as well. We deeply love you and always will.” Megan tells me with a smileI gave them both a big smile as they both laid next to me snuggling up. I felt hands on my chest and legs half on mine. We snuggled like that for quite awhile embracing this new love between us three. The day started with two hearts. but now those two hearts were joined with a third and the love was just as strong. Savannah and Megan must of fell asleep as their breathing was soft and quiet. I looked at the cover which was half off the bed. I really couldn't reach for it as my arms were occupied. My legs were held by theirs. I thought to myself fuck it and closed my eyes. It felt so nice having these two beautiful women in my arms. They are the loves of my life and I was never going to leave again for this was exactly where I belonged. Sleep took me sending me into a dream worth dreaming and a love warming to the touch.Writer’s Notes:I posted both Chapters 6 and 7 because this chapter hopefully clears up a few things. And as a few friends have told me ‘ The story isn’t over yet’. And they are right it’s not for there a lot more to come. There will be a few arguements and a few hardships, but they one thing that won’t change from here on out is the love that is still between Savannah and Nick they just have a new love that will stand by them through it all. So what did some of you think about the revealing of Nick and Savannah’s baby. Yeah there was no hint’s or showing’s in Chapter 5 for this reason. I wanted Savannah’s pregnacy to be a surprise for Nick and it was. Have a good day all and I hope you keeping reading for there much more to come.



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